My New Mini-Office Space & Free Tag Download

I have to call it a space because that is what it is. It’s not a room. It’s not a studio. It’s a space. A 4 feet x 6 feet bit of space to be exact (if you count all of the rug). It located in my bedroom (something I don’t recommend, but under current circumstances could not be helped) and it was a strain to get a vertical shot of the thing! But here it is, in all it’s mini-glory!


Basically, I tried to use things I already had around the house. I supplemented it with stuff from Ikea, Antique Shops, and Home Goods (for my budget). I tried really hard to stick to the basics—storage and lighting. I added the numbers because I was inspired by a page in a Pottery Barn decorating book. I REALLY wish I could paint the wall to give everything a nice pop…but since I can’t paint, I’ll try to bring in color other ways (for example, I’d love to paint that wood table I have that is acting as my desk).


My big bargain buy was a total accident! I got that new chair for $12 down from $150 at Home Goods. It’s a great basic color and I can see recovering it in the near future. I’m also in love with the lamp!

This is the top view of the shelves. I bought the shelves from Ikea. Since I have so little space, I worked my way up to utilize space.


My desktop…lots of sketching, facebooking, and designing happen here.


Here was my “number” inspiration to help tie things together a bit. It makes it all a little more graphic:). I printed numbers, used sign stickers, and house numbers.I need a seriously big number to put on the wall but haven’t found one yet.




Here’s the inspiration for the numbers: A Pottery Barn decorating book.

inspirationpottey1My tray on the desk keeps me “organized”. Well, sort of, I just dump things in it. It makes the desk less cluttered. It also holds my ugly hard drive (hidden under my Arts & Crafts book!).


Here are my easy-peasy tags for my jars. I used My Minds Eye Rub-On Alphas and printed out the tags from these templates I made. You can download them here:

Tag Templates Download


They are the same tag, set up for print-ready.

These are the My Minds Eye RubOns.


Setting it up on my computer:


img_11621I love the rubons because they are so simple and really take all the work out of this project.



Hope you enjoyed! I’m sure I”ll be changing this minispace as I find more “stuff.” I especially want to add more color. Have a great Saturday!



  1. Jenni

    Love what you’ve done with your “space”…those numbers are too cute!!!! Isn’t PB great inspiration? Miss ya!

  2. KathyB!

    This is me inhaling my zen moment… Ahhh!

    Okay, I love your space. I’m going to have to spend some time studying it and see what I can incorporate into my own desk area. I’m currently set up on a folding card table with cardboard file boxes. It’s horrendous…

  3. hellosweetworld

    I love your blog! I’m stopping by from SITS and i’m gonna have to visit more often.

    I love your mini-office space too! So cute.

  4. coconutnoodlemonkey

    The other day I just saw that IKEA has some wall clings that can add some color to your walls. They aren’t stickers so they won’t mar the walls. I’m assuming that you can’t paint because you are in a rental or something? Your desk space looks beautiful and organized. My desk always looks like a tornado hit.

  5. Debbie Cochener

    I just found these tags and am elated! I bought the cutest snowman stamp for Christmas gift tags and had been procrastinating making a template for the tags. You kept me from having to “reinvent the wheel” – Thanks!

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