The Only Constant is Change


img_7112 It is a season of change at our house. Our oldest daughter started Kindergarten, Josh started a new job a couple of months ago, I recently signed a fabric contract, and we are buying our very first home. It’s a wonderful time, but difficult to say the least. Labor Day Weekend and this week has been particularly hectic as I have been working on a paper and fabric line (collection number 3!) and convention season is upon me (my day job as an event director). And with the move coming up, I’ve been busy getting rid of the old and getting organized.

So I’m packing. And I don’t have much to show for it with the exception of these cute tags I made for the girl’s toys. Right now the girls have a playroom, which isn’t going to be the case in our new home. We have all the toys organized and in an Expedit Ikea Shelf which will go into their bedroom at the new house.

img_7107You’ll notice that I added a bit of artwork to these tags because with little ones cleaning up is easier if there are pictures. So I added words for the adults and pictures for the kids. I am hoping this means that it will be easier to tidy up.

I’ll tell you my little trick when I don’t have time…but you’re not allowed to tell anyone that I don’t hand cut and laminate all my projects myself! heehee…My main trick, is that I have the email to Office Max’s Copy Max. Yes, and you can get your Office Max’s email too.

I simply email the pdf/jpg files and tell them what I need done. These are 4″ x 6″ cards that they printed on color paper, cut out, and had laminated. I just picked them up, punched holes, and attached with ribbon.

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  1. meanmomdigitalproductions

    You’ve started packing with labels!! That is a wonderful start. Remember to keep a master list of all the boxes you packed and what room they came from. Email me I will give you an email.

    Congrats girl!!

    I have funnies up on my blog you might want to take a breather to read, laugh, and relax a little.

  2. Katherine

    Carina, I’d say enjoy the move … but I know how stressful it can be. Congrats on the new lines – #3 huh? Wow. LOVE IKEA, too – in fact, I’m setting up my own craft room (taken over the spare bedroom), and will be getting the smaller Expedit bookcase – the one with the desk connected – for my space … and then maybe a small one for the wall for more organization (and to put the flat screen tv on top 🙂 ).

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