The Digital Scrapbooking Experience


DSC_0030Finally! After a crazy two days I have a chance to write about DSE! Thursday afternoon I taught an Illustrator class  at the Digital Scrapbooking Experience in Provo, Utah. Jen Allyson flew in from San Francisco to help me out.

I had a WONDERFUL time with the students! After teaching 5 years of college, I had completely forgotten how wonderful it was teach students who are eager to learn (and everyone in my class was!). Thank you ladies + Gary for participating in my class! I’m glad I did it because it opened my eyes to what people can do with a little bit of education on the programs. I’m constantly asked about becoming a designers and I may have just had my eyes opened to some new possibilities for these people. I’ll let you know on the developments.

I also hosted a table with a cute little flower make-and-take, candy, and my papers from My Minds Eye (and if you haven’t figured it out yet, papers that get printed can also be bought DIGITALLY from me). Jennifer Allyson and Garden DSC_0056Girl Gennifer Bursett both helped me. In fact, I probably owe Ms. Gennifer since I managed to forget my camera and I all these photos are hers! I showed off my digital book that was printed from My Pic Tales and Silhouette Machine, which made all my make-and-takes (and I couldn’t live without at this point!).

You can make our make and takes too! All you need to do is go to the Paper Flower Wreath post and download the pdf. The flower shape we used can be used as a pattern and hand cut out, or I also provide .gsd files for you to use on your own silhouette. Here’s DSC_0031photos of Jen and Gen sporting the barrette version you could make. We also had laundry clips and pipe cleaner for attaching to badges or making wristlets. The papers we used for the table all came from my Paris and Co. and Bella Bella Paper Pads that can be bought exclusively at ACMoore.

Some of my favorite moments at DSE? I loved meeting the other instructors (I was so happy to see Crystal Wilkerson there!), I throughly enjoyed Jessica Sprague’s Keynote address, and (my most favorite moment of all) when one of my students (of whom I will refer to as the “Atlanta Gelato Queen”) slipped a chocolate gelato onto a box I was carrying out.

DSC_0055Thanks for all the fun everyone! I could only go to one day of DSE (sorry everyone! I just couldn’t get up there yesterday and today is packed!) because we closed on our house yesterday! Yippeee!!!!!! And now, the work begins…or might I say, the true Project Mania begins! September might end (and I have a few projects yet to finish up!) but in October I’ll be posting all my house fix ups.


  1. Jenny

    I’m sad I missed your class, I was really going to try and come and some things came up earlier in the week so I couldn’t make it. It would have been fun to meet you in person. Hopefully you do something like this again soon 🙂

  2. April Oaks

    Carina! It was fun getting to know you at DSE. Sometime soon, we’ll talk about you teaching at my event, ok?

    Your blog is very pretty! I love it!

  3. Gary

    I was just thinking about your Illustrator class and the awesome time I had in that brief time at DSE. Finally had the idea to look up your site. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for teaching that class. It was amazing. Me and the “Gelato Queen” could sit in your class all day! Which, btw, we should have stayed and hung out afterwards. Our next class, hereto known as “Sales Pitch” Calendar, was not as fun as what Joan reports from staying after class with you. Shucks.
    Anyway, keep me posted if you are indeed coming up with any new Illustrator goodies in the future. Looking forward to more!

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