Paint a Tree In Your Kid’s Bedroom-Free Download

paintedtree_pdfinstructionsI’ve been a busy girl. I’ve been working on my little girl’s bedroom since moving into our new house last month. It has been so satisfying to  finally be able to paint! While I don’t feel like it is fully finished, I still thought I’d share what I’ve done with you. And, if you are interested in making your own tree, I’ve provided the stencils I made for myself here for you.

The pdf shown here includes simple instructions and patterns for the flowers and leaves. Making your own tree won’t be hard as long as you have a little time. The process for making the tree takes about 3 days, not because it really takes that long, but because the parts of the tree have to dry before you can start a new color.

Here’s a helpful hint to create stencils: I used my Silhouette to cut these out. You could also cut them out by hand using an x-acto knife and still get the same effect.

Download the pdf stencils.

Want to see the rest of the room? First, I have to show you the BEFORE photo. The budget was tight so we decided to have the floors refinished a dark color, repainted everything, and replace the splinter-inducing pine trim as our “big budget” fixes. 5

And here’s the after. My favorite thing is probably the floors. Having them this dark really makes the light pink pop.



  1. Gennifer

    This looks so good, Carina! Did you make the alphabet print? Love it.

  2. carina Post author

    Yes! The alpha print will be going on sale digitally later:)

  3. Leslie

    WOW! Love it. Did you get the hanging ball things from IKEA? They look familiar. Looks great!

  4. Kerry Stewart

    Oh Carina this is gorgeous. I wish I could paint something like this in my dd’s room. She is such a Tom Boy I’d have better luck painting a train. I did get close with my oldest dd though. She chose two shades of purple and we painted a frame around her window. It looks really cool.

  5. Jen Allyson

    the floors are beautiful! and of course everything else looks amazing. I can’t wait to see it in person!

  6. Susanne

    Oh my goodness, that is so pretty!!!

  7. lachelle

    Looks like you’ve been busy–it looks great! And Felicity is SO OLD! Will you send me your new address when you get a chance?

  8. Jessica

    I absolutely love this bedding! do you remember where you got it from?
    I love the entire room actually! lol I wish I could recreate something this put together!

  9. carina Post author

    Hi Jessica! The bedding is actually just TGMAX Sheets (I’m an avid TGMAXer:). I’ll be doing quilts for this room in Love Nest when it comes out in January. I’m sure I’ll post more photos then:)

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  11. Carole

    My daughter-in-law painted a full sized tree, freehand in her study with paint that is magnetized so she could put notes etc on it with magnets looks and works great…
    Looks similar to yours but branches out all over… such a good Idea

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  13. clara

    this is gorgeous!!!!

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