Christmas Calendar Cones—Free Download

IMG_8459I promised a Christmas goodie and here it is! An advent calendar that you simply clip to a line. Add treats to the cones so your little ones can take one out everyday. This is a LARGE download because all of the 8.5 inch x 11 inch files are PRINT READY (300 dpi).

All you need to do is print (I printed from my home printer) and cut out. Tape each piece into a cone shape and hang on a line by clipping with a laundry clip. I hung 4 strings in one of our front room windows and clipped 6 cones (and seven on the last one) across the string.

I’ve also included a Santa that you can stick in the cones to show your kids what day it is.

We’re getting in the Christmas spirit at our house: We’ve got our tree up and we are heading for the Heber Creeper (AKA The Polar Express) tomorrow for my birthday. I think the kids will love it (which means I will love it…there is nothing quite like the excitement of children at Christmas). Go ahead and download this goodie and it’s okay if you get it up a few days late…your kids will still love it!




  1. laura richards

    cute idea! i have an uppercase living advent on a pizza pan that uses a magnet

  2. che carina!

    you’ve saved me from my dodgy advent calendar i put together in the last minute. can’t wait to use your gorgeous calendar instead!!..thanks a million

  3. Amanda Davis

    I love this! Thank you. I am always looking for a cute advent calendar. This is perfect. The only problem is that I downloaded and printed it, but numbers 21-24 are missing. Let me know if you upload them, and I will download and print them.

  4. ginnie

    what a cute idea!!!
    and so easy!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. lachelle

    Hey, I’m trying to get all crafty here (for possibly the first time ever) in honor of the birthday girl and you’re cheating me out of days 21-24. I suppose that’s because those are the crazy days of the season and no one will notice anyway?

  6. lachelle

    Or is it a marketing ploy? Days 1-20, 25 are free. You have to pay for days 21-24!!

  7. carina Post author

    FOILED AGAIN! lol! I added page 6 to the download! Download it again Lachelle!

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  9. Paty

    I’m trying to download, but I can’t… could you send me ?
    brazilian kisses and hugs

  10. Vicki

    i am so excited to find this i think i will have it ready in time;) ♥

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