Neighbor Gift Tags-Free Download

IMG_8789I just finished up my neighbor gifts—easy-to-make chocolate dipped pretzel rods. The girls helped me and we managed to make quite the mess. All you need to do to make this gift is melt carmel candies, dip pretzel rods in the “goop,” let them cool, and then dip them in chocolate. We also dipped ours in sprinkles and crushed Oreos for the fun of it. Tonight we will be delivering them.

IMG_8753To make them even more special, I bought cellophane bags that were 4 inch x 9 inch and stapled on this bag topper. I like them because they are generic enough that you could shrink them down as place cards or anything else that had to do with Christmas.


1. Download the 8.5 x 11 jpg (below) of the neighbor gift tag. The size is 4 inches x 4.25 inchs.

2.Personalize by adding your family name (we added the GARDNERS) with a san serif font like Arial or Helvetica (I am using Abell Condensed) OR leave the area blank and move on to step 3. To personalize, you will need to use some kind of editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.ng_cg

3. Print to fit cellaphane bag or shrink for other use.

4. Add a hand written message to the back or sign your family’s name to the front.

5. Fold in half (so the dimensions are 2 inches x 4.25 inchs and staple to the top of your bags.

6. Deliver holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays! Download the NEIGHBOR GIFT TAG here!



  1. ginnie

    thanks… Iwaslooking for a nice bag topper.
    merry christmas

  2. Betsy

    Just popping by to say “Hi” and “Merry, merry Christmas!”

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