And Here I am

And here I am on a Friday night, aimlessly clicking on blogs—blogs of people I heart, designers, artists, and so on…caught in that maddening cycle (that somehow always involves several visits to Facebook and Twitter) of being too tired to leave my computer but not tired enough to stop the endless, nonsensical journey through the world of blogs. Please tell me you get caught in this cycle too?

So here I am on the final stop of my longer-than-it-should-have-been blogfest—my own blog. Just a stop in to say hello in the midst of the madness (which is probably why I have been sitting numbly in front of the computer for the last hour).

Or maybe it’s because of the two trips to the Children’s Museum today (absolutely wore me out!) Flissa had a fieldtrip there this morning, and we made a second trip in the afternoon so Siri could go too. Despite it’s energy-sucking effects, I love that place. Seriously, inspiration AND entertainment. I came up with the names of my next two sewing patterns while watching Flissa fill up a grocery cart of plastic food and transport it to another (wrong) portion of the play area.


(Photo above is of me trying very hard to take a photo of the flower  I wore today (using the Felicity Flower Pattern) while balancing the camera with one hand and taking the photo in front of the mirror. Tricky. Very tricky.)


  1. jen shears

    Ha! I’ve been doing the same!! With a trip to the children’s museum planned for tomorrow- I guess I know what to look forward to tomorrow night too!
    I adore that flower- have been wanting to make one since you so generously gave us the pattern. Soon. I hope.

  2. shari

    At least you blogged among your surfing! Now you can rest soundly or start to create!

  3. mindy

    Sounds much like my Friday night.. but it is sooo fun to have those much too long blog linger/stalk explore kind of nights. Love the flower!

  4. Shauna

    That’s such a pretty flower!
    I know what you mean about the aimless clicking, reading of blogs, going here, there, and everywhere. I like to refer to it as me trying to read the entire internet. That’s sometimes what it feels like 🙂

  5. Jan

    Glad to know that others do the “mindless surfing” too. But seriously, I find some incredible sites that way. It keeps me feeling like I have a read on what’s being created out in the Big Wide World and of course blogged on the World Wide Web! Have you ever read the book “The Hundredth Monkey” I think we are monkey 101 learning symbiotically from each other thru webcams, idea exchanging, color federations etc etc, it all leads us on individual but related paths. So fun.

  6. Leslie

    Okay, I do the same thing with blogs and Facebook. But I hope to never get sucked into Twitter. Hopefully. I wish we had a Children’s Museum here! Hooray for inspiration. Can’t wait to see the projects!

  7. sue

    Actually….that’s what I am doing on this Saturday night!
    Have a peaceful, happy Sunday!

  8. mo

    Oh my gosh I am doing that right now!! I really should be off to bed but I can’t pull myself away! I love your blog, by the way!

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