The Biggest Bubbles

One of our neighbors, Joe, brought over a monster bubble maker yesterday. Joe made it for a Science Olympiad at Weber State (where Joe works). It is completely shocking to see a bubble that big!

I’m not completely sure how Joe made these bubbles, but the “bubble maker” is made from two golf clubs (that Joe got from the thrift store) and string. Joe says the string needs to be sturdy but absorbent enough for the bubble mix.

All of the kids were delighted and I couldn’t blame them! I would have loved to have popped a bubble that big as a kid (who am I kidding, I would like to pop a bubble that big NOW!).

The kids lined up and tried to pop the bubbles a myriad of ways….jumping, karate chopping, squirting with water…well, you get the idea.

For me the whole activity was a sign that spring was finally here…although I don’t doubt that we have one more snow storm this spring. Either way, I’m excited that spring is on it’s way!



  1. Shari

    I love love LOVE the big bubbles! Those are forever huge. WOW!!! Out of golf clubs and string? That’s amazing.

  2. Jana

    Awesome bubbles! Great shots too! Luv ’em!

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