Flannel and Oilcloth

I went to check my strike-offs yesterday at Riley Blake for Dainty Blossoms™ and found out some exciting news! Not only will cottons be available for the line, but oilcloth and flannels! The oilcloth and flannels will be in the large floral (the left-hand corner fabric in the digital magazine) and all the dots. I was practically jumping for joy!

In other news, my little Flissa started preschool this week. With Siri in school and Flissa in morning preschool, it’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work during the day. It’s pretty exciting as I’ve been hoping to get rid of my late-night design binges! heehee! Fliss has been SO ready to go to school (with big sister out of house and the entire neighborhood in kindergarten, there is only me to entertain her—not the coolest prospect).

So I’m going to happily (and hopefully) finish our new sewing pattern line this coming month (look for all the sneak peeks in the October newsletter) and finish teaching the Art of Digital Design 2 (It’s been a blast!).

We’re also finishing up the final touches of our new workshop this winter! Be sure and check it out! We’ve been so excited about the interest and would love to see you there for this design marathon! Bring your husband along to ski while you hang out with the girls!

Please note that this workshop has a cap of 20 students. Make sure and reserve your spot to attend this event.



  1. Mary M.

    Carina, you are so cool! Seriously:) I love that you sew. I just ordered your Little Miss Suntop and Skirt pattern off Amazon. My sewing machine is old and on the fritz (it’s my moms old Viking that she sewed my and my older sisters dresses on 40 years ago! Can you suggest any sewing machines? There is so much out there it gets confusing. Also, what do you think about the sewing machines for little kids? I’d like to get my daughter one for her 7th birthday and teach her how to sew. She’s an awesome little artist so I’m scanning some of her best pieces, designing something out of it and then ordering fabric of her designs on Spoonflower. Can’t wait. Thanks!!

  2. Leann

    How exciting! I plan to make some raincoats with laminates.

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