It’s November, and I’ve told myself that this year the holidays are going to be a little different. Instead of the rush, rush, rush, I’m hoping to really live in the present this holiday season and remember to be grateful for what I have. I’ve cleared out my schedule of any “hard” deadlines and while I certainly will be working, I hope to work at a more relaxed pace.

So maybe it’s a change in attitude about the holidays?

Either way, I have been thinking alot about being grateful and generously giving. And as always, my thoughts have turned to this blog and how I can share with you—make your life a little more pleasant or a little more beautiful.

…and that’s when I decided that I wanted to spend the next couple of months sharing with you more craft ideas and more “stuff” on this blog.

So there you have it—it’s officially the season of “giving” here on my blog. And to kick it off, I have 6 fat quarter packs of Baby Safari that I am giving away! Four packs (there are 6 fabrics in a pack) will be given away to comments on this blog post and two packs will be given away on the Facebook thread that links this post. Tell me what you are doing this holiday season. Maybe it’s a tradition or something new. Maybe it’s a scrumptious holiday recipe or the time you plan on cuddling with grandbabies. Whatever it is, share it! Winners will be announced on Sunday evening on both the blog and facebook page.

More fat quarter packs to come, announcements of new sewing patterns, more holiday craft tutorials, and lots of eye candy!

Hoping you also find a lot of joy this holiday season! -Carina


  1. Heather K

    This year I’m trying to make it as much of a homemade holiday as possible. Also trying to work on a daily jouraling/photography project. I always have high hope at this time of year!

  2. Sheila Crowley

    I hope to spend the holidays will be full of love and fun with family and friends. Traditions will be brought along as new ones are created. Family is the constant and it doesn’t matter where I am as long as I am with them.

    My 2 year old nephew would love another quilt! How about a design contest???

  3. Emma O.

    This year my husband’s job will take him out of town for 18 days…and I’ll get to join him! Being from the south we don’t see much snow, so hopefully there will be some snow forecsted. I’ll also be writing in a daily journal about family and blessings. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Audrey

    I will be trying to snuggle more with my children and try to include them more in my preparations!

  5. Janelle

    Working on getting back to my passions while encouraging my kids to find theirs.

  6. Martine

    Hopefully ithis year it will be a fertile Christmas…Just before Christmas our IVF program will end, maybe next year there will be a small family under the tree!

  7. Dee

    Our family will come together from all over the country to gather around our Christmas tree. My son is wishing for a beer tasting. I just want to spend time with our four grandchildren. Our daughter is wishing for the grandparents to babysit.

  8. YC

    We’re planning on going nuts with friends and food at Thanksgiving, and hopefully build new traditions around our little boy, now that he’s old enough to start noticing!

  9. LIsa R

    We will be spending an extended Thanksgiving week at Grandma’s house (including a day at Disneyworld the Monday after Thanksgiving) so it will be a bit out of our routine, and probably a bit tiring. Then I’m happy to be spending the month of December at home,and trying to do the same as you mentioned – enjoying it as much as possible. Thanks for the chance to win. I so love your designs. Beautiful and unique and feminine. Have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

  10. jeanie dickinson

    Hi Carina….
    your are amazing….
    i am hosting my family for thanksgiving dinner….what a blessing that my children want to be with us!!!!! 4 children, 2 spouses, 2 boyfriends 6 grand kids and us make 16 + depending if boyfriends bring their kids….in just a little house this explains why we are expanding our home…………..
    smiles and hoping everyone can find the blessings in there life

  11. Michelle

    I will be spending time with my family and feeling very grateful for them – its been a hard year and has made me appreciate them even more!

  12. Debbie Craine

    I Have reconnected with girls I went to high school with. We have been meeting once a month for lunch, dinner, or an outing. This group has grown from 6 people to over 32 that are members of our facebook group. We are planning a cookie and ornament exchange for Christmas. I am on the hunt for a great ornament idea for this exchange as well as spending time with my family.

  13. Sarah C.

    This holiday season trying excited to sharing the fun with my 2 year old son. There will be lots of crafts, baked goodies & handmade gifts made by the two of us. 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!

  14. Pam

    This year we are spending both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. While we will miss heading East to visit family at Christmas, it is my hope that we can relax a bit at home and I can share a few of the holiday traditions I grew up with (especially in the kitchen)

  15. CindyMouse

    I will be making my favorite cheesecake recipe and cherry sauce and taking it to Thanksgiving dinner. Looking forward to a nice evening with good food and old friends!

  16. Gwen Windham

    I am so looking forward to this holiday season. We have a new grandbaby in our family– our first– and I am so excited to see the world fresh and new from her eyes..– to see the excitement in her eyes as she takes in all the pretty wrapping paper, bows & ribbons, and twinkling lights on the tree! Thanks you for this wonderful giveaway! I wish for you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  17. Janai Maughan

    I will be spending Thanksgiving with my parents in eastern Washington, hanging out with my nephew and putting together his album for the last year. We will be enjoying double pumpkin cheesecake (recipe on

  18. Melissa

    We just moved to a new area and my husband is working on Thanksgiving. We met this fantastic family and they invited us over for dinner! Feeling very thankful!

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  20. MNO

    Ok… I received an invitation to enjoy a Christmas (turkey & the works) dinner from a former professor of mine… And why is this special, you ask? He is a bachelor and now five years into retirement. In the ten years I have known him he has opted to “hide out” on Christmas Day… No visiting friends or colleagues. No fancy Christmas dinners. No sharing of the Holiday Spirit in any way. However, this year he’s invited myself and a former colleague to enjoy this special day with him. Moreover, his two guests are both, well what would you say… single & “homeless.” In his gesture, I believe he is embodying the real Spirit of Christmas. I am very much looking forward to sharing the day with him.

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