Kitchen Before and Afters

I’m always amazed at the changes brought on by a coat of paint. You can check out the before post here.

Talk about a huge change, right? I’ve been basking in the airiness of my little kitchen. The cabinets were done in a white lacquer (which meant a lot of spraying as well as all being fully cut off from the kitchen). It took about 2 days for a handy crew to come in and do it.

The last cosmetic change is to have the counter tops removed and changed out. I’m thinking of having them done in a slab of absolute black granite. Right now this surface is red-dyed concrete…and no matter how faddish it is, it does not keep up well. Acid from lemons and limes soak into it and the seams create cracks that water can drip through.

Ya. It has to go.

It will take me a couple of months, but I plan to getting around to this sooner (rather than later:).

And then there’s the issue of a curtain. I believe some fun fabric is in order. Pictures to come!



  1. Heather Steed

    Hey Carina! It looks great. I thought I’d leave a comment because I have black granite countertops in my kitchen and have some experience with/opinions on them. I don’t always love them. I love the way they look, but our kitchen is south facing and the glare can be blinding. Also, it’s really hard to see things in my kitchen. I am not sure if this has more to do with the south light or the dark countertops. Our cabinets are shaker-style maple with red accents over the range, so not as bright and airy as the white you’ve got going on, but they are still light in color and the kitchen just seems darker than I thought it would.

  2. Kelly

    Hey! LOVE the new look… a word of caution though. Unless you are a meticulous housekeeper and you LOVE to scrub down countertops, I’d choose something other than absolute black granite. I didn’t pay attention to the naysayers when we built our last house and it’s the only decision that I truly regretted. It’s an expensive choice and I just couldn’t bear to pay to have them redone so I lived with them. We did another color on the island and it was DIVINE. No issues whatsoever. A little pattern and color hides a multitude of sins. *grin*…

  3. Amber R.

    Carina – you’re not going to believe this. But, I have the exact same tile in my kitchen! Crazy!!!!!

  4. Janai

    Super cute, I’m thinking about doing the same thing at our house!

  5. Meg

    Gorgeous!! We have white cabinets – love them…but keep Clorox wipes around to wipe off all the spills – my daughter loves to do it!

  6. LauraBeek

    I absolutely love your ‘new’ white cabinets. It IS a breath of fresh air. They’re gorgeous. Can I tell you a secret?- I have black countertops- actually we went with quartz instead of granite – I even picked something with a bit of sparkly light quarts and a very light honey colored quarts in it. The DUST shows up like you would not believe. Arg. We almost went with the piano black finish but evolution design warned us about every fingerprint and bit of dust. I really wish I had gone with something that hid dust better. You will love granite or quartz – just look for something that hides dust a little better – especially since you have little ones.

  7. LauraBeek

    I so can’t spell – quartz not quarts

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