A Double Duty Week

We’ve been doing double duty in the studio with the May 1st surprise as well as Quilt Market. I flew my mom into town to help me with all the sewing. We have managed to squeeze into the last 5 days a king size quilt, 2 baby quilts, 9 children’s outfits, 2 slings, and a whole heck of a lot of pillows. It’s been a marathon! I have new-found appreciation for all the hard work folks put into Quilt Market.

We still have a number of items to make before our crates ship out next week, but I’m feeling pretty good about how far we’ve gotten. My mom stayed up until 3am trying to get the quilts done in time. My favorite machine quilter Lina, agreed to help me out with this deadline as well (My mom and my assistant have nicknamed me the slave driver). Susan is the sewing-pattern-cutter-extraordinaire now and my mom is the piping pillow master (try saying that five times fast).

PS You are seeing here some of the first peeks at my fabric line Songbird™!

Speaking of that other thing (you know, that May 1st thing?), I am AMAZINGLY impressed by the resourcefulness of some of you out there. I have been sent forum threads and a number of leaks that have come out and all I can say is, “Good detective work!” Can’t keep a secret from some of you!

Back to the sewing!




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