A Day Away

I am currently packing for our trip to Quilt Market and am running around (perhaps not like a chicken with it’s head cut off, but it’s close) completely nervous I’m going to forget something (as evidence of the lengthy schedule I’ve handed out to several family members). I’m only a day away, and I know the moment I get to Kansas City, I WILL have forgotten something, and it’s going to be just fine. But until then, I will worry.

I didn’t hop on here to tell you about my worry-habits or even to show off how cute my big girl is becoming (an indulgence on my part), but to tell you that there is a happy bundle of fabric being given away at Carta Bella. Expect a little from Samantha, Deena, and myself. It’s the final day of prizes going on at the blog and facebook since our launch a couple of weeks ago (my, how time flys!). Hope you get a chance to win it! I believe there will be another giveaway towards to the end of the month so you might as well join now!

Will be in soon to tell you all about QM!



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