Episode 4 All Hallow’s Eve Decor Video

I know it’s only August, but this Halloween video is meant to get you excited about the approaching season. I love fall and adore Halloween. With school starting next week (eek!), fall is just around the corner. I know there’s a lot of sentimentality about new beginnings and freshly sharpened pencils when school starts, but I actually feel that fresh starts CAN happen in the fall. I probably feel it more so this year than others since baby boy will be coming to us the day after school begins (7 days and counting!).

Lindsay Moore, Sales Director for Carta Bella joins me in my studio to introduce the All Hallow’s Eve line. We show you how easy it is to make home decor crafts from this line (Most of it is either just “cut out” and display or “stick” and display!)

We obviously have a good time, and you’ll definitely want to enter to win our Hot-Off-The-Press Giveaway.

As promised, I also have silhouette files and jpgs of the silhouettes and bats I mention in the video. Download them here: All Hallow’s Eve Projects.

If you are looking for the Bat Wreath I mention in the video, you can find it here: Bat Wreath Post

And finally, here is the video of Lindsay and me dressed up and having a good time:


  1. Lori Souter

    Love your video on your new Halloween Line. I would love to win it so that I can make all of the awesome projects that you have shared! I think Sonny & Cher would be a good costume!


  2. Pbrown

    Love this line! Thank You for all the great ideas in the video.would love to win this product! I think you two should go as Spiderman and wonder woman!

  3. Sharon Gullikson

    I was thinking that you should dress up as a marker and a bottle of glue. Appropriate, or what!

  4. Natasha Poteraj

    I think that it would be cute for you to dress as a ping pong ball and paddle. Or a badminton racquet and birdie. You could pretend you are the Chinese Olympic players and maybe miss hitting the birdie? ha ha ha

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  6. LUANN

    The new line is beautiful! How about the paisley princess and the Chief of chevron ( or something like that playing off off all of your yummy fabric and pattern lines.)

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  8. cleanlinen

    Love your video on your new Halloween Line.

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