Last night Josh and I pulled out the old video camera and watched my daughters’ first few hours of life. I’ll admit…I cried…a lot. It was one of those moments where your life is put into perspective and all you can do is feel grateful for what you have been given.

Seeing that miracle made the coming of the new baby that much more real. It also reminded me how special and amazing my two darlings are and how they’ve changed my life.

Past that, I was struck by how fast things change. Not only do I have an eight year old (!!!), but I can’t imagine anyone using that video camera anymore, can you (see above!)? Seriously, I had to dust the thing off when I pulled it out. In the video, Josh tells the nurse that we have to use a phone card to call long distance from the hospital (we lived in Minnesota at the time). What the? Was that really only 8 years ago? We weren’t allowed to use cell phones in the hospital and the cell phones looked well…um, ancient?

Despite the change in technology, some things don’t change. Like the way I feel when I watch my little newborn babes or the three-year old (who is now eight) tweaking her daddy’s nose. I’m grateful that we were smart enough to take all that video—and in the last couple of years—taking so many photos.

When I helped launch Carta Bella, I didn’t know that the unintended consequence of designing and art directing meant I would also be scrapbooking. I like to make sure our designs work. That means I personally print, cut, and glue most of the projects seen in the marketing materials at Carta Bella. The result is my own personal scrapbook getting built…slowly but surely. (PS the photo above is from our October release…consider it a sneak peek since I have been scrapping with it all weekend).

So as I finish up deadlines for production for October (trying to get ahead so I can take time off with baby!), I’ve specifically pulled out photos of my girls that make me happy. Lucky me for getting to work and play at the same time! My heart is full for all the blessings I have.

I hope you also get a chance to walk down memory lane soon and/or make some amazing memories in the upcoming future. I’m looking forward to doing both.


PS: Do any of you know of a great service that converts all your old videos into digital format? I’m starting to see the necessity of this soon…



  1. Judy Wolverton

    Carina everyone tells me Wal Mart does it. I need to try too!!! Knowing you as a young woman that would never get married, I always knew you would be a great wife and mother!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the new little bundle of life. Judy

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  3. Janai

    My mom had all of our videos transferred to DVD at Costco. They did a nice job and were fairly reasonable. Good luck with everything!

  4. Linda is a site you can check out for making film digital

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