Smashball 2012—Utah Edition

Yes, I have been terrible about posting, but, it is because I have been working like a maniac to get ready for Winter CHA. And I can’t even show you want I’m working on. Boo. Or the other cool stuff I am working on. Double Boo. Well, all in good time. In the meantime go check out Devoted and True Friends, which have both recently been released by Carta Bella and designed by yours truly.

In the midst of the Carta Bella madness, I took a break and went to (and sponsored) Becki Crosby’s Smashball (you know her as the genius behind Whippy Cake). Susan, aka the fab assistant, so graciously came along with me for a night of scrapping and gabbing. I pulled the camera out so rarely throughout the night that I fear that you will be better served by instagram (@carinagardner). Don’t have an instagram account? Check out the feed on my sidebar.

Here’s what I did catch:

Table disaster or creative chaos?

This just makes me laugh. Susan is to my left and Becki to my right. I shouldn’t post it but I.can’

The cute gal who won one of my giveaways (3 sewing patterns and 3 yards of Songbird fabric) and a pictures of Becki’s AMAZING swag bags. There might have been a little something in there from me…

This girl has so much energy.

Quite the group

It was fun to meet new smashers and reunite with old acquaintances (I had lunch with Rhonna Farrer four years previously when I started at Two Peas…it was SO fun to see her again!).

Thanks ladies for the fun night and for pulling me away from my computer!


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