Glamper Renovation Part 4- Exterior Finished!


It’s been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post the finished exterior of the glamper! And just in time too! I was watching the weather closely to paint the exterior and parts of the interior.


The polka dots turned out to be a bit of a chore. At the end of the day, I’m glad I did it because it gives my glamper such a fun look. To get the polka dots I cut 5 inch circles out with a circle cutter with an 18mm blade. I then spaced them out 5 inches apart both vertically and horizontally. Because I was using a spray, I knew the circles wouldn’t come out “clean”. Once the paint was dry, I just figured that I was going to be able to use a stencil to outfit the edges with my white paint.

Because of all the crinkles on the glamper, this turned out to be an impossible plan. I ended up hand painting every single dot! Eek! Thankfully I got a little help (see photo below).


I did a touch up coat of white on the top of the glamper and a tiny gray stripe between the top and bottom. It was two days of torment well worth it!


Here’s a quick view of the other side of the glamper:


I’ve also been working hard on the exterior and finally finished painting the bathroom, touch-ups, most of the hardware is in, the fridge installed, tv hardware installed, the cushions all sewn, and most of the curtains finished. I’m still a bit out before I can show you all of it. In fact, I have a hankering to decorate it for Christmas so the first shots of the interior you might see all “Christmas-ed up.”

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  1. Gina

    The polka dots were well worth the effort. Super sweet!!

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  3. Deb Crowder

    Your camper is ADORABLE!! I wonder how it would have been to use a removable/repositionable vinyl and cut the circles out, adhere them and paint the blue all over then remove them! Course a fresh coat of white first would be required but I love how it looks. I am now obsessed with these little campers. I seen another one turned into a craft room and it was crazy cute!

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  5. Nancy Gross

    You really are a glutton for punishment. Hahaha, those dots! But it turned out so so cute. I can’t wait to see it totally done. Looks like you are well on your way. And the dots really work. Keep us posted

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