Glamper Renovation — Full Reveal! Part 5

IMG_6096_blogIt’s taken several months, but our glamper is finally finished! I think we have named her Lucy (I’m still a but noncommittal since I have trouble not just calling her “the glamper.”) I’m so happy with how the interiors turned out. There was much sewing, wallpapering, painting and contast cleaning. I’m so excited for the memories that our little family will be creating in her. At the moment, she is my personal office since I stole away to St. George to finish taking pictures of her and get some much needed work under my belt.

I hope you enjoy the photos and come see her on the Glamper Tour this spring! I will be revealing the places a little later this week.

BTW, all the photos of me were shot by my fabulous assistant Susan. I know, she rocks.

Here are some of the highlights (check them out in the photos).

1. Wallpapered door, table, and kitchen (patterns from my October 2014 fabric line…yet to be seen)
2. Laminates from Riley Blake on all the cushions (best decision EVER!)
3. Curtains featuring my Evening Blooms fabric collection and Tasha Noel’s Simple Life all by Riley Blake.
4. Refrigerator covered with some chalk art I made (printed at Costco…they have the best price for 30 x 20 images!)

GLAMPER_carinagardner_1_web copySome of the pictures make Lucy look bigger than she is. Keep in mind she is 17 feet long and every cushioned surface becomes a bed (bunk on the top with the double cushions pull out, dinette becomes the bottom bunk, and sofa turns in to a double bed). Oh ya, and even though it isn’t pictured here, check out the silver piece between the bathroom door (it has a mirror on it) and the sofa. That’s were I hang the 24 inch TV when we aren’t on the go.

Want to see the befores?

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PS. You’ll notice no pictures of the bathroom in this post. That is the one part of the glamper that may take more time to renovate. I’ll show you once I’ve finished making decisions about where it is going to go. This renovation never ends!

GLAMPER_carinagardner_8_web  GLAMPER_carinagardner_2_web  IMG_6310_blogGLAMPER_carinagardner_7_web GLAMPER_carinagardner_5_web    GLAMPER_carinagardner_10_web   IMG_6159_blog

GLAMPER_carinagardner_9_web   IMG_6173_blogIMG_6286_blog IMG_6304_blog  IMG_6295_blogGLAMPER_carinagardner_3_web      GLAMPER_carinagardner_6_web



  1. Robin

    It’s gorgeous well done!

  2. Alison Brown

    This is adorable, it includes all my favourite colours, I love your style, and I’m glad I found your stuff again after Design House Digital closed. xx

  3. Kara Layne

    Absolutely daring!! Congrats on such a fabulous re-do. Can’t wait to find ours 🙂

  4. Susan

    Cutest boss EVER!!! 🙂 Thanks for letting me take the pics! Adore you and that glamper.

  5. Ilona Ence

    Can you tell us what you ended up spending on all the renovations? I have a trailer that im wanting to do this to but im not sure about the cost effectivness of this.

  6. Emily

    so so cute!! love it.

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  8. Laura

    I am SO in love with your glamper renovation… a dream of having one too (I have an affinity for Airstreams too but I’ll take whatever I can get.) I don’t think the dream will happen while I’m still living in Manhattan, though! But some day… Congrats! You did a fabulous job, Carina!

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