A few years ago I did a photoshoot with Jessica from Hiya Papaya  (I think this was 41/2 years ago but I could be wrong). I ran into these photos again and thought I would share the flashback. It couldn’t be helped:).

As I was scanning through the photos I was laughing because I have an obvious obsession for vintage trailers. Back then I wanted an Airstream pretty badly. Let’s face it. I STILL want an Airstream pretty badly (who doesn’t?).


I was still learning about the industries that I am currently involved in: fabric, scrapbooking paper, digital….it was all still so fresh and new. My mini office in the picture above was in my bedroom. Now I have a warehouse and a home studio, and I feel as if they are brimming full! I feel pretty grateful looking back at all the opportunities that opened up to me.


The flashback was good since I have some really, really, really amazing things happening in 2014. Every year, everyday it’s a new adventure. I feel lucky and blessed for all of it.


(PS How is it February already?)

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  1. Kim Miller says:

    I love how you are always so happy and smiling and looking like you are having the grandest time!

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