New Audrey Sewing Pattern Collection

cg024_audrymiss1cover_instagramWe started working on this collection in December. I’ve never been so ambitious before and tried to release 8 sewing patterns at once! But it was an idea that came from loving and wanting to produce a knit collection that was simple to sew and beautiful to wear. Easy enough of a concept….quite a bit more difficult to execute.

And I couldn’t have done it alone! My pattern production assistant worked tirelessly on this collection and made edit after edit as I pinned, cut, and tried to find the SIMPLIEST way to put these patterns together. I hope you love the results!


This is the first time I have released MISSES and TEEN sizing! You’ll notice that as my family changes in age, I find myself wanting to make what my own kids are wearing.


So here’s the run down on these patterns.

  1. There are 3 styles of knit patterns. ALL are easy to make but Style 1 is the easiest and Style 3 the hardest. As you can guess, Style 2 is right in between the other two.
  2. Style 1 is short in front and longer in the back. Style 2 is an A-line with a gusset in the back. Style 3 features a zipper in a yoke on the front. Each of these variations changes the look and styling of the patterns.
  3. There are two lengths on each of the tunic patterns. There is a “blouse/tunic” version (shorter) and a “dress” version (longer). Here’s the deal: they are both LONG. These tunics are meant to be worn with leggings and if you are anything like me, I won’t wear leggings unless they cover my bottom! In the picture above, Felicity (white) is wearing the TUNIC length Style 3, Siri (yellow) is wearing the DRESS length Style 1, and I (stripes) am wearing the TUNIC length Style 2.
  4. IMG_5047_1_instagramThe sleeves are INTERCHANGABLE. There is a 3/4 length sleeve on Style 1, an elbow length sleeve on Style 2, and a cap sleeve on Style 3.
  5. The patterns come in TWO sizes: Misses AND Girl/Teen. The Misses size include 4,6,8,10, and 12. The Girls sizes include 6,8,10,12,14. If you are a size 2 in Misses, you can easily move down to the 14 in Girls/Teen.


Did I mention the final two patterns are a Miss and Girl/Teen legging? Yep! SOOO simple to sew together since there is a single seam. We love using the Riley Blake knits for these!


cg034_leggingcover_webI know some of you are probably afraid to work with knits, but it is a lot simpler than you would think! I have a few pointers for those of you getting started and made a couple of videos to make the process so much easier! Check them out below.

Here are a couple of “important” things that I always do when I start to work with knits:

  1. Change my needle to a STRETCH needle. These can be bought for ALL brands of sewing machine and is meant for knits. This will make your sewing go SO much smoother!
  2. Use the thread that matches the fabric content. So if I have a 60% Polyester and a 40% Cotton fabric, I use a Polyester thread. The only time I do not follow this rule is when I have a cotton based fabric with a small percentage of stretch (like a 5% spandex like a Riley Blake knit). Then I will use a polyester thread because it has more give then a cotton thread.
  3. Surprisingly, you do NOT have to serge knits. It looks nicer and will last longer, but you shouldn’t fret just because you don’t have a serger. You should take a chance on knits with just your regular sewing machine!

(Here are the two videos: Getting Started with Knits and a Tutorial on Style 3!)

IMG_4920_instagrma_webMake sure and take advantage of the 20% sale going on right now on PDF patterns in the shop in honor of the new collection! Put in code AUDREYNEW20. The sale should last through February 2016. it includes ALL PDF patterns including Kid cottons and quilt patterns!

I’d love to hear what you are doing with knits! Join my Facebook page to tell me or my Private Sewing Group on Facebook! As always, I love getting feedback on the patterns and projects I am working on.


IMG_5063_1_instagramFinally, there is a good chance we will have handmade Style 1 in Misses S, M, L available for sale in a couple of weeks. We will have a very limited few since these are being made inhouse. Keep your eyes out for these!

Happy sewing!


2016 Block of Month Begins!

IMG_3912_1_webIt’s my first ever Block of the Month! I’m excited to start this year off with a bang! The sampler quilt we are making is called Home Sweet Home and includes darling houses, a tulip, heart, and more!

Every month a new video will be posted on the 15th with a new tutorial. Be sure to also visit the store to download the free pdf of the block measurements that day as well. Our first video posts today so go check it out here:

You should also check out all the awesome things we are doing on instagram with this quilt! Follow me at @carinagardner to check it out!

Hope you make this quilt with me! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!



Rolodex for Silhouette and DigiPlayground

I love putting together a little “planner” at the beginning of the year. This year I focused on Mini rotating file systems. These make me so happy and can be used in so many ways. I love that these could be potential albums, event planners, birthday planners, and so much more. I personally adore the little fox tab!

You can find these in my Silhouette and Digiplayground shops!

DS-C-W-CG-monthsDS-C-W-CG-alphabetset1 DS-C-W-CG-numberpages1DS-C-W-CG-ballon pages1  DS-C-W-CG-flourishtabs   DS-C-W-CG-swirl pages1DS-C-W-CG-rolodexbracket1 DS-C-W-CG-rolodexcircletab1 DS-C-W-CG-rolodexscallop1  rotatingfilesystembadger rotatingfilesystembear rotatingfilesystembird rotatingfilesystemdeer rotatingfilesystemfox rotatingfilesystemowl rotatingfilesystemporcupine rotatingfilesystemrabbit rotatingfilesystemraccoon rotatingfilesystemwoodpecker