Folding Flap Sliding Box Tutorial for Silhouette

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Star Decor Instructions for Silhouette

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Travel Stories Album for Silhouette

Watch the Travel Stories Album video for an introduction into my Carta Bella Paper line and how to put together the album using SVG files from my Silhouette Shop! The final size of this album is about 5.5 inches x 11 inches (with a few things pocking out like tabs and pages).

I am so excited about this album especially because I love some of the little add ons. In particular, I adore the filmstrips that go in this collection and plan on using them not just for the album but for lots of other projects.


IMG_5764_1_webI hope you get a chance to play about with this paper line and/or the silhouette files! I also hope you have a GREAT excuse to make an album (aka, an amazing summer adventure perhaps?).

Happy Crafting!



TravelStoriesDeepPocketAlbum   TravelStoriesHalfPocketwithLayeredBracketNotes TravelStoriesHotAirBalloonLayoutAlbum TravelStoriesPhotoFilmStrips TravelStoriesSidePocketAlbum TravelStoriesTabbedAlbum

3D Intricate Cutout Boxes for Silhouette

3dlatticebirdboxThese little intricately cut out boxes are one of my favorite projects right now! I can imagine them hanging in some overhead branches for a party or as little electric candle holders on a table. Any way you decide to use these, you will love the effect!

Here is the quick tutorial (and tips) for putting these intricate cutout boxes together.

1. Cut out the silhouette file.  The main body of the box is about 2 inches deep, wide and tall. It fits on an 8.5 inch x 11 inch paper.

2. Fold all the score lines and glue all the flaps to create the main body of the box.


3. Fold up all the “circle” pieces at the top of the box. For dimension, you can finger press the triangle piece at the top to give it some curvature. You can also create a straight box by folding all the triangle pieces flat and putting a ribbon through all the pieces at once. However, if you want the box to have dimension, “sew” the ribbon through each of the holes individually. Hint, fold UP the circles at the top. There will be slight gaps between the triangles once the ribbon is tied on.



Other notes: This box can be scaled larger or smaller. Cut at a slower speed on your machine for to catch all the fine details. A sticker mat will also help the cutting process on these!

Hope you have fun making these!
(for all my silhouette designs, visit my silhouette store at

3dlatticebirdbox3dlacybox 3dmotherbox

Wiltshire Daisy Around the World Quilt Pattern—Free Pattern Download

IMG_5413_1_web_blogThe Wiltshire Daisy™ Around the World Quilt has been my Sunday sewing for quite a few weeks now. This is one of those quilts that it didn’t seem to matter how I photographed it, it still looked better in person than through the lens of my camera.

And I am SUPER excited to share with you a really great contest that I’m teaming up with Emily Taylor and Riley Blake for you to do!

First of all, everyone WINS because each of us has a free quilt tutorial for you to download. Mine is the Wiltshire Daisy Around the World Quilt and Block (scroll down to the bottom of the post). Riley Blake’s Tulip Chain Quilt and Emily’s Florabella Fancy Quilt are so adorable! To make it easy for you guys, for a short period of time, you can just go to the PatternJam site (click here) and download all three patterns at once.



Second, we are throwing an amazing contest so that you can win the FABRIC TO MAKE YOUR QUILT AND $100 VISA GIFT CARD. I know, right?

Here’s what you get to do:

Go to and customize the Floribella Fancy Quilt, Around the World Quilt, and/or Tulip Chain Quilt using the Emily’s Florabella, my Wiltshire Daisy, and/or Riley Blake’s Solids. It’s seriously so fun to do!  There you will see instructions for making the quilt using the Pattern Jam software  and you can pin it to the contest Pinterest board. The most pins wins the contest so make sure and spread the word and get people to pin your quilt!

Here are a few steps to help you if you want to enter:

1. Be a part of the Pinterest Board—
2. Go to and register: by clicking on GET STARTED NOW.
3. Click on DESIGNER PATTERNS> Choose Either Around the World, Tulip Chain, or Fancy Florabella.
4. Once you have chosen a quilt, then choose FABRICS and choose either the Riley Blake Solids, Wiltshire Daisy, or Florabella fabric (or a mix of them).
5. Once you have designed a quilt, save it to your library. Click on MY ACCOUNT and you can see your library and PIN it from there.
6. Join the contest board here.

If you just want to download my Wiltshire Daisy Around the World Quilt, you can do that below:


The Pinterest Contest goes until April 24th! So go and make some fabulous quilts!

Wiltshire Daisy Fabric Collection

wiltshiretitlepage_webIt has only taken me a month to finally post about my newest collection Wiltshire Daisy for Riley Blake. I’ve already seen so many amazing projects and even have a couple of my own to share soon. If you haven’t seen the collection, I’m posting my digi magazine of it here for you to enjoy. It may take a minute to load on your computer so if you see a blank space below, give it a second:).


I debut my second 18″ doll panel in this collection. It includes a blouse, capris, headband, and handbag. There are photo instructions on the Riley Blake blog here if you want to see them (the capris are done a little differently then my instructions, but are still so very cute!). AND I have illustrated instructions now available here.


Hope this makes you sew happy!

Pocket Albums, Window Album, and Flower Ornament Instructions for Silhouette

squarephotopocketalbumYou’re getting a little bit of everything from my releases this week so scroll on down to the tutorial that applies to you! It’s been a busy spring break, and I’ve been wanting to make some albums since coming back from Park City and St. George. I hope you have fun with these!

These albums are built for a 4 inch photo. Specifically, I like instagram photos for these pockets but it could even be 4 inch x 6 inch photos you have cut down. You can put a photo or write in a title on the front bracket emblem on the cover page. It’s completely up to you!

1. Cut out all the pieces in the svg file. I used kraft paper for all the main pieces and colored paper for the accent pieces. I cut out two cover pages and several pocket pages.

2. Fold along the score lines. Fold over the pieces with the bracket shape to create the pocket. Use glue (I like hot glue or a photo-friendly adhesive) on each of the glue flaps and create the pocket. There are two flaps that need to be glued (see photo below).

IMG_5551_1_web IMG_5554_1_web

3. Glue the accent paper to the front of the pocket and add a journaling card (available with the svg file) or a photo.

4. Create the cover by layering the 4 inch square (the same one used for the pocket inserts), then the bracket without the window, then finally the bracket shape with the window. Place a photo or title between the two bracket pieces if you want. I used pop dots but you can also simply glue everything into place.

5. Use ribbon, O-ring, or twine to put the album together.

4x6horizontalphotopocketalbum 4x6windowphotopocketalbumThese two albums are meant to fit your 4 x 6 photos and are quick to put together. Because most of us are generally working with 12 inch x 12 inch paper, it was necessary to have a separate pocket piece that you attached to a cover piece to create a “page.” Note that the pockets for the Window Album can be a bit flimsy and I suggest either using heavy stock or cut a piece of transparency or other clear paper to create the window and hold in the photos. I also recommend setting this album under a stack of books once it is glued to make sure the thin areas that create the “window” are study and straight.

These two albums also work together if you wanted some window pockets and some horizontal pockets. So mix and match away!

1. Cut out all the pieces in the svg file. I used kraft paper for all the main pieces and colored paper for the accent pieces. You will need to cut out two cover pages and for each “pocket page” you will need one cover page and one pocket piece.

2.  Fold the score lines of the pocket piece. Use glue (hot glue or a photo-friendly adhesive) on each of the glue flaps and create the pocket. There are three flaps that need to be glued (see photos below).

3. Glue the accent paper to the front of the pocket for the Horizontal Album. Add a journaling card (available with the svg file) or a photo.

4. Create the cover by layering the cut outs as shown in the two images.

5. Use ribbon, O-ring, or twine to put the album together.

4X6 Horizontal Album (Glue Flaps)IMG_5555_1_web IMG_5565_1_web


4X6 Window Album (Glue Flaps)

IMG_5567_1_web IMG_5572_1_web

If you are looking for a cute, quick project, these flower ornaments are so fun. I can see using them for kids projects or fun home decor.

1. Cut out all the pieces in the svg file. This file is only three pieces but if you wanted to layer up the petals more you could.

2. Attach the center of the flower (orange) to the yellow petals WITHOUT the ribbon hole, but gluing the tabs to the back of the hole. (See photos below). Two of the “scallops” will overlap once the center is completely done. (See photo below.)

3. Attach a photo between the two yellow petal pieces. Glue the yellow pieces together.

4. Add ribbon or twine to hang.

IMG_5574_1_web IMG_5577_1_web IMG_5579_1_web

This one is really basic to put together. It also cuts quick on your machine.

1. Cut out all the pieces in the svg file. This file is only four pieces but if you wanted to layer up the petals more you could.

2. Attach a photo to the back flower piece (with the hole for hanging the ornament). Layer and finger press all the petals. Glue them down.

3. Add the short center cut out (shown in white) last.

4. Add ribbon or twine to hang.


Hope you have fun creating these!

Digital Scrapbooking, St. George, and Stuff

IMG_5250_1_webI’m going to admit something right off the bat and that this is a procrastination post. I just looked at my list (a mile long) and really all I want to do is snuggle up in front of the TV and start a new show (like Call of the Midwife or Death Comes to Pemberley…anyone seen either of those?). There is a time and place for everything and tonight, well, tonight the work comes first.

Before you feel too sad for me, I just got back today from a short weekend getaway with my family in St. George. I loved seeing Charlie romp, climb, and dig in the slot canyon, the sand dunes, and the park. The girls swam and swam and swam (did I mention the water was cold?—oh to be young again).

While I was gone, I got some awesome photos from my amazing machine quilter Michelle Jensen (@mixiheart on instagram), and I’m so excited to share the pattern soon. It will be free along with an awesome collaboration with pattern jam (more on this to come).

Annndd, while I wish I could say I didn’t work at all while I was gone, I was happy to spend one night getting my digital scrapbooking done for this week. Two weeks ago I came out with a Spring Sunshine Paper Pack and this week I’ll have tags for them. I even managed to put together a couple of layouts. Making the layouts reminded me of all the things I needed while digi scrapping. I see a big collection in my future:).


(Layout above: Papers and Tags from Spring Sunshine, Ribbon from Bella Bella 2 Thick Ribbons)


(Layout above: Papers and Tags from Spring Sunshine, Tape from Bella Bella 2, and Stamp from Journaling Stamps).

Hope you are having a fun spring break (or at least spring) as well. Back to the list.


Cute Animal Nesting Boxes for Silhouette

IMG_5153_1_web I know it’s been a lot of Silhouette posts on the blog lately so I promise to have some fabric and scrapbooking posts soon! This week’s releases for Silhouette are these darling little animal nesting boxes and layered gift card tags. Below is the tutorial for putting together these boxes. I create a lot of nesting boxes for my Silhouette Shop and generally they are all put together like the tutorial below.

Each svg files set comes with two boxes that nest together (the smaller one fits into the bigger one).

These make darling gifts, easter items, or fun spring decor (filled with candy!) for your home. When I finished making mine, my kids spent quite a bit of time just playing with them and stacking them.

To make these boxes, all you need is kraft paper, solid scrapbooking paper, pop dots (optional), glue (I use a hot glue gun and glue stick), and your cutting machine.

1. Cut out all your pieces on your machine.IMG_5099_1_web

2. Fold all the score lines on the boxes and lids. Put glue on the glue flaps (I used a hot glue gun for this) to put together each box and lid.



3. Assemble the faces of the animals. Place black squares behind the eyes (all in the svg file), pink behind the cheeks, white behind the whiskers. Use a glue stick for this part. For the frog or any other animal that requires a separate “background”, glue the animal to the background with hot glue. Note: The chick’s feet are placed ON TOP of the face not as the eyes and cheeks are.


4. Glue the ears or feathers to the top of the lid. Once these are glued on, glue the small strips of paper to the lid to cover the ears and other portions of the lid. Glue the assembled face piece and other accent papers to the box.


5. Add the tail or any other accessories with pop dots or glue.


And that’s it! Assembly does take some time but the end result is really darling. Charlie calls each set the ‘baby’ and ‘mommy.’ The animals ‘nest’ together so if you wanted to put a baby bunny in the mommy chick you could. The ears or feather simply fold down (there are score lines) when you place the baby in the mommy.



I haven’t included instructions for the layered tags here because there are basic instructions for them in the description (they are simply cut out and adhered together with pop dots or glue).

Hope you are having wonderful spring weather! Craft on!

(Links will be provided when they become available in the silhouette store on March 30).


Nesting Animal Boxes

nestingbunnyboxesnestingkittyboxes nestingchickboxes nestingfrogboxesnestinglambboxes nestingpandaboxes nestingpiggyboxes


Layered Gift Card Tags

bunnygiftcardtag butterflygiftcardtag gamecontrollergiftcardtag happybirthdaygiftcardtag ringsgiftcardtag tulipgiftcardtag



Pop Dot Shadow Box Sliding Card for Silhouette

IMG_5037_1_webI’ve been loving the last few weeks of projects I have made for my Silhouette Store. I managed to finally finish Gilmore Girls  for the second time and catch up on Community while making this last batch of cards.

This week I’ve added more Shadow Box cards to the shop but these are (drum roll) sliding cards! (If you are looking for the folded cards tutorial, see the blogpost below).

These fabulous cards allow you to slide off the shadow box part of the card. You can write a message directly on the shadow box or a secret message on the sliding card behind the shadow box. They are easy to put together and SOOOO cute!

Here’s a little 19 second video so you can see how these little cards come together.

Here’s the tutorial:

1. Cut out all the pieces in your svg file.

2. (See below) Fold the sleeve piece that has a glue flap. Glue the flap to the opposite side of the sleeve together to create a place for the card to slip through.


IMG_5014_1_web2. Once the sleeve is glued together, use it as the base of your shadow box. Glue down any “colored” objects first to the layers. For example, center and glue the clouds on top of the cloud shapes. You can use pop dots for these as well. You can see in the elephant and giraffe example above I used pop dots on the animals but glued the clouds flat.

3. Use pop dots to layer the pieces so that the card piece with the thinnest outside layer is on top and the thickest at the bottom. Place pop dots on corners and middles to keep the card stable. (See photo in previous blogpost to see how I place the pop dots.)

4. Once the shadow box is finished, slide in the “card.” (See photo to the left.)

5. Glue the accent pieces to the outside of the card. (see below.)

Helpful Tips:
+ For small or intricate cuts, I put my speed at 9 on my Silhouette Cameo instead of the typical 3. This is especially useful for the “baby” wording on the onesie card.

+ The bow on the cake card is not complicated. All you have to do is use the two score lines nearest the ends of the bow and pull them in to match to the middle score line. Use the tiny, thin piece to  wrap the center of the bow. I used hot glue to make sure everything dried quickly and held together nicely. I also placed the bow on the second tier of the shadow box.



+ You can use any color cardstock for these shadowbox cards. I’ve used kraft paper in all my examples but white, black, gray, and any solid color would work wonderfully for a unique take on these cards.

+ These cards are sized for a gift card. You will need to tape in the gift card or hot glue the sliding card portion to create a pocket.



Hope you have fun making these and have someone special to send them to!

Happy Cutting!—Carina

(Links will be available on March 23, 2015)

cakeshadowslidingcard camerashadowslidingcard dolphinshadowslidingcard mrandmrsshadowslidingcard elephantgiraffeshadowslidingcardmustacheshadowslidingcard onebannershadowslidingcard sharkshadowslidingcard unicornshadowslidingcard weddingtoppershadowslidingcard