Halloween Boo Marquee Letters Tutorial


This week I released these fun BOO marquee letters on Silhouette!  They take some time to put together, but are so worth it!  They are similar to my original marquee letters, but have more decorative element to make them fun for Halloween.  Click here if you want a tutorial on how to put the letter part together.  You can see how to put together the festive Halloween pieces below.  Happy crafting!

1.Cut out all SVGS.  We did the letters in black, and the other pieces in fun Halloween scrapbook paper.

2.  For instructions on putting the letter together, click here.

3.  Once your black letter piece is put together, pop dot the back of the flat letter piece and place it in the letter.


4.  After the flat letter piece is placed in the letter.  Add the skinnier, flat letter pieces to the letter using pop dots.img_4418_web

5.  Once the letter part is done, add the fringe to the outside.  Before you start glueing, make sure you know where the fringe pieces fit.  Then hot glue down the center to attach it to the outside of the letter.  Make sure not to glue the fringe to the letter because you want to be able to bend it up.

6.  After all of the fringe pieces are glued down, bend the fringe pieces up.


That’s all there is to making the BOO marquee letters!  Hope you have a much fun making Halloween decorations as I have!

31 Days of Halloween Album Tutorial for Silhouette

Halloween is almost here!  I made some fun 31 days of Halloween albums to document everything going on in October.  Each album comes with the cover and details, three binding pieces, pages (one with score marks and one without depending on how flexible you want your album to be), a mat for photos, and a piece the size of a photo (to use for journaling).  You can also get the numbers and layouts if you want to accessorize your album!


If you want to put pictures in the albums, here is some info on the measurements:
-The skull and cross bone and bat albums are 5 x 8 and fit a horizontal 4 x 6 photo.
-The black cat album is 6 x 6 and fits a square 4 x 4 photo or a 4 in. x 5 in. photo.
-The pumpkin and spider albums are 6 x 7 and fit a vertical 4 x 6 photo.


Here’s the tutorial on how to put these albums together:

  1. Cut out all SVGS.  We used some fun scrapbook paper for the binding to add some Halloween flare.
  2. Put together the details on the cover.  You can use pop dots to give it some fun dimension.
  3. Next, take the cover and glue it to the binding piece.  The edge of the cover should go to the score line.  img_4326_web
  4. Next, glue the scalloped half of the inside binding piece to the back side of the cover.  The score lines should match.  Leave the side with the page holes free so you can use it to attach the pages later.    img_4330_web
  5. Do Steps 3 and 4 again for the back cover.img_4332_web
  6. Now that you have the cover done, take the pages and align the holes together.  Use a ribbon to secure them into the holes.  img_4333_web

That’s all there is to these adorable Halloween albums!  Now you can add your pictures and memories for the 31 days of Halloween!

Happy Crafting!