Carina Gardner’s 2017 Block of the Month

I’m so excited to introduce the 2017 Block of the Month Quilt! I’ve posted the introduction to this year’s block of the month below along with the January video! As always, you will be able to access everything on my 2017 BLOCK OF THE MONTH PAGE. That page is updated monthly with all the videos and download links you need! Check out the quilt we will be making!


This is a scrappy quilt and you can make it from scraps OR purchase a fat quarter pack to cut your blocks. You can start with me in January or anywhere along the way. I am using my line Posy Garden for Riley Blake in this quilt. Download all the cutting and fabric requirements here:
Want to become part of my instagram (@carinagardner) community? Sew with me every month and hashtag #carinagardner the photo of your monthly block so I can see what you are making!
January 2017 BLOCK VIDEO


Six Carina Gardner Free Fabric Projects You Might Have Missed

I posted on instagram the other day a picture of Felicity watching my cut out fabric for my 2017 Block of the Month.  It reminded me that I wanted to put together a list of the SIX FREE FABRIC PROJECTS you might have missed.


  1. Double Ringed Pincushion Pattern (also known as the Donut Pattern!)
  2. Partridge Bird Pattern
  3. Pinfeathers Rosetta Wreath Pattern
  4. Dainty Blossoms Camera Strap Pattern
  5. Reversible Blouse & Dress Pattern
  6. Primrose Garden 18 inch Doll Quilt Pattern


Hope you get a chance to download all of these!

Happy Sewing!

XOXO- Carina

2017 Tutorial Tuesdays for 99 cents!

2017tutorialtuesday_jan3_carinagardner_iconI’m so excited to announce that this year I’m introducing a Tutorial Tuesday! Every Tuesday you will see a new 5-10 minute tutorial on one of my favorite programs (illustrator, indesign, photoshop, silhouette software), a sewing technique or some other crafty goodness.

Each tutorial will go up on Tuesdays for the introductory price of 99 cents! Isn’t that a steal of a deal? Wednesday they will go to their normal price of $2.99. So get it while it’s hot!

I’m excited for the very first tutorial, which is an Illustrator Tutorial (you know me, I can’t help teaching a little Illustrator!). I show you how to make a scalloped tag and I highlight the following things:

• The Ellipse Tool
• The Pattern Brush Tool
• Using the Fill and Stroke
• Changing colors
• Expanding Objects
• Trimming and Uniting Objects
• Arranging Objects (Front, Back, ect)
• Ungroup Objects

What you will need for this lesson:
• Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, or Cloud (A free month trial is available at Adobe)
• Internet access (video is streaming)

Every week will be a little different so make sure and check them all out as I release them! If you have never taken Illustrator before (or any of the other programs), it’s ALL GOOD! The tutorials are meant for every level to give you tips and tricks, get you comfortable with the software or technique, and help you in your own business, blog, or personal design endeavors.

This week only, the first tutorial will be 99 cents ALL WEEK. That’s right! Up until next week’s tutorial.

Happy learning!