2.25 in. x 3.25 in. Layered Cards and Envelopes on Silhouette

This week my Silhouette release continues with 2.25 in. x 3.25 in. cards. I’m really loving this size! This week the cards are “layered.” I cover a lot of different themes—wedding, baby, spring to name a few.  These Layered Cards are the same size as my Accordion Shadow Box Cards that were released last week. Because of this, I also have envelopes that match up to these cards.

I also have two videos below that will help you make these cards and envelopes. Please subscribe to the youtube channel if you are interested in these tutorials. Many times I am putting up these videos the week before the products are released so you can see what is coming out (your very own sneak peek!)


If you get one of each (layered card or accordion card + an envelope), you will find that it’s a very nice tight fit. Don’t use pop dots because the card will not fit. I may have an envelope come out that allows for a thicker card (tell me on instagram @carinagardnerpapercrafts if you want something like that!).

Happy Crafting!





Accordion Shadow Box Card Tutorial for Silhouette

This week I am releasing these cool Accordion Shadow Box Cards! They fold flat and are so sweet. Cards are sized to 2.25 in. x 3.25 in. and can be cut on a portrait or cameo. There are 4 folds with layers of goodness! See how I put it together in the video below OR check out my quick instructions below. These are in my Silhouette Shop: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/252689

***EDIT: Some of the Design IDS for this line is Design ID #187756, Design ID #187753,  Design ID #187750, Design ID #187747, Design ID #187744, Design ID #187741, Design ID #187735, Design ID #187729, Design ID #187726, and Design ID #187717.

Happy Crafting!
PS Make sure and subscribe to my youtube channel because this it the first of many videos that I am doing in this new format! I’m hopeful that you will be able to see clearly what I am doing!


  1. Cut out all the pieces in the file.
  2. Fold the main card piece into an accordion shape.

3. Glue all the extra pieces into place using the preview photo as your guide. For items like flowers or butterflies, finger press to give dimension. Be sure to use the folded accordion card to decided where pieces should go so you do not mistakenly add pieces to the wrong side of the card.

5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Create

IMG_0022_1webThere are lots of reasons that spring is a favorite time of year for most of us. Whether it’s the sunshine, bulbs in bloom, or the chirping of birds back from their winter hideouts; spring is a time of renewal. For me, I feel re-energized to make again. Here are some of the reasons spring is the best time to get your Silhouette machine out to CREATE!

1. Holiday crafts

Sure, you love making stuff for Christmas, but what about St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Graduation? These are some of my favorite holidays to make cards and projects for! (Animal Explosion Basket – Easter Bunny Design ID 122681)

2. Flowers

I don’t have to tell you that there are SO many good flower projects in the Silhouette Shop…because there always are! Party it up with some great floral projects! (3D Gold Fringed Petal Flower Design ID 109882)

goldcrimpededgeflower3. Spring Cleaning

You would think this would be a reason NOT to be making stuff, but the truth is once your spring-cleaning is done, there is nothing like sitting down to your craft table to make. That’s right, creating in a clean space is pure happiness. And once you have cleaned, declutters, and dejunked your house, isn’t it the perfect time to make something to fill it back up again (wink)!

4. Butterflies

There’s never a time I like to pull out all the butterfly projects more than in the spring. Who’s with me? (Vellum Top Butterfly Box Design ID 79311)

vellumtopbutterflybox5. Organization

Spring is officially the best time to get organized. There are so many great FUNCTIONAL (not just pretty) projects to get your photos, knick-knacks, and office supplies organized.

Hope you are enjoying spring as much as I am!