Mother’s Day Weekend and Dishware Debut Recap


Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! The first half of my day was spent at Deseret Book signing dishware. A big thank you to everyone who came to visit me at the Fort Union Deseret Book to catch the debut of my dishware collection! It was such a treat to chat with you and give your children cookies.  For those of you who did not make it and avoided the excessive sugar, I managed to snap a few photos so you could see the display.



I knew exactly what to do with the cookies that were not eaten—I had Siri try to pawn them off on the neighbor kids. (She tried to sell them but I told her I would pay her the 10 cents for every kid who walked by and took one.) We still managed to have enough cookies for the family party that evening and the children at church the next day. Umm, I think I over-ordered. (photo below—Siri happily selling cookies.)


The second part of my Saturday was spent with Josh’s family cleaning out his grandmother’s yard. Dinner followed at his mother’s house. (Above-Josh’s brother Nate and Nate’s twins London and Quinn).


It was the most beautiful day for yardwork although, other than hacking at a rose bush, I mostly played with Charlie (photos above and below). At least it looks like there is some yardwork being done behind me!


My niece Lola rakes for a moment (photo below) and Josh stops his pruning for a moment to chat (photo below). I’m guessing the photos I didn’t catch (in particular of my mother-in-law Mary planting all the flowers) was were all the real work was happening.


Having a family chin-dig on Saturday was so nice because it meant our little family relaxed (and I slept in-the perfect mother’s day present) today.

This week Josh and I are off to Portland for Quilt Market. I plan on posting lots of photos. I’m not doing a booth and instead plan on spending some time filming, talking to other designers, teaching schoolhouse, and doing make and takes at the Riley Blake booth. I’m so looking forward to it!



Dishware Now Available Online!

Dish-Set_PG24_detailMy dishware line has officially hit the Deseret Book Online Shop! I might be a teensy-weensy excited:).

Large Serving Bowl
Three Piece Tray

I’ll also be heading to the Fort Union Deseret Book tomorrow from 11am-1pm to hand out treats from my new line and sign packaging. Come join me along with authors  Gale Sears and Kathi Petersen who will also be at the event!

MAY 11, 2013, SATURDAY 11am -1pm
Fort Union Deseret Book
1110 Fort Union Blvd.
Midvale, UT 84047

Other than that, this weekend is all about Mother’s Day (which means I will be getting breakfast in bed right, Josh?) and hanging out with family. I know we are headed to Josh’s grandmother’s house for some Mother’s Day gardening and I’m on the spot with presents this year.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope to see you tomorrow!



PS The giveaway for the sample of the Little Playdate Outfit ends today! Make sure and enter by leaving a comment HERE.