Carina Gardner & Where Women Cook Magazine Article Spring 2017

IMG_9256 2Last July, I prepared several recipes and met up with photographer Justin Hackworth and editor-in-chief of Where Women Cook Magazine Jo Packham to take photos in my 1968 Jet Airway.

It’s now March. When I received the copy of the magazine I was completely surprised to see my family on the front cover! Well, surprised is an understatement. Delighted and giddy describes it better! My mom was in town helping me sew my most recent book (Sweetly Stitched Quilts available in Kindle and PDF format), and she saw how excited I was. Actually, she might have seen me jump right out of my chair in my office, lol.

There are so many wonderful recipes in this issue! I’m excited to try them out. There are also some gorgeous photos. Because so many photos I loved from the shoot didn’t make it into the issue I thought I would share a few here. Also be sure to check out the hastag #carinaglamps on instagram for more glamper goodness.

If you want to see more of my glamper renovation, check it out here.

Utah wedding and portrait photography

Utah wedding and portrait photography

Strawberry Basil Pie…available in Where Women Cook Spring 2017 as well as my new book Sweetly Stitched Quilts. 


Utah wedding and portrait photography

Utah wedding and portrait photography

Utah wedding and portrait photography


This Peach Fizzy Drink didn’t make it into the magazine but is in my book.

Utah wedding and portrait photography

This is for my wonton blackberry salad.

Utah wedding and portrait photography

Get your issue of this magazine here or at your local craft or grocery store.


Interview on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio – Episode #320

american-patchwork-quilting-pocast-episode-320-carina-gardnerYesterday I was thrilled (aka nervous!) to be on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan. I didn’t get to hear the episode until late last night, but if you are the least bit interested in what I have to say about Barbie doll sewing, Posy Garden, how I got into fabric, and my glamper, go check it out here:

Choose Episode 320:).



2016 Quilt Market Recap in Salt Lake City

IMG_3728 I’m still decompressing a bit from market. In fact, when we finished and pulled the entire double booth down, I looked through my photos on my phone and realized that I had been so busy, I hardly took ANY pictures. WHHHAAAT? Whoops.

In the end, you’ll have to visit the hastag #carinaglamps on instagram to see all the going ons that happened in my booth over the course of the three glorious days at Quilt Market 2016 in Salt Lake City.

First off, a story. My glamper was suppose to go in before all the pipe and drape went up in the convention center.

Ya. They forgot about me. When I called the Tuesday before set up, they realized their mistake. So I pulled it in at 8am Wednesday before everyone else came to set up (important since we didn’t want to drive over anyone else and their booths). One of the dock workers pulled it into the Salt Palace for me since exhibitors were technically not allowed in yet. All good.

A bit later, a DIFFERENT dock worker came and asked me if I wanted the door facing out. I’m not sure what the expression on my face was, but I can tell you I was extremely puzzled and confused. I think I mumbled a, “Um, yes? I mean, I want people to actually go INTO it.” Apparently, they had pulled the glamper in BACKWARDS with the door facing the inside of the booth (as in, no one would be able to actually get into it). I believe I heard the dock worker mumble something along the lines of, “I told those idiots that.” as he ran in to the scene of the crime.

Needless to say, they fixed it. I’m not sure how well my booth would have gone over if no one was able to actually go into it to see all the pretty Posy Garden fabric (heehee!).

Because I didn’t leave my booth much, I only have highlights for you. Maybe the biggest highlight (for me) was that the booth won the Creativity Award. I was SO honored! I hadn’t thought about booth awards and I felt grateful to get one. (Photos below: Left—Creativity Booth Award; Right: Baby Coco visits the glamper)


(Photo below: Left—I spent a lot of time on the chalkboards for this booth; Right—First day of the show.)


Most of my double booth was taken up by the glamper (which is about 10′ Wide and 17′ in Length), but we also had a fun section of MiniLou at the front and a section in the back for patterns and block of the month. And that darling sign above (the white one with my logo on it) was made by my sister who has a darling etsy shop: She also made the MiniLou one below. (Photos below: Left—this was taken by @emmalinebags; Right—MiniLou).


I wish I could take credit for all the wonderful sewing in the glamper, but I can’t. I had some fabulous sewers put together many of the projects in the booth. A big thank you to @stitchingrevival Christine Cook, @quiltstorymeg Megan, @mystitchstory Angie Tackett, @amylouwhosews Amy Webb, @farmwifejournal Cherilyn Dunn, @diaryofaquilter Amy Smart 20.2, @jedicraftgirl Amanda Neiderhauser and @happylittlecottage1 Debbie Homick. They made wonderful minis for the glamper.

(Photos below: Left—Amy Smart shows off her mini; Right—Flying Geese Pillow and Garden Patch Quilt I made using my Posy Garden fabric).


(Photos below: Amanda Niederhauser and her mini; Christine Cook and her mini).


Last but not least, my mom came into town and helped with my kids, sewing, and cleaning to get me ready for market. She sewed all the curtains, cushions, and gulp, the piping for all the pillows. Did I mention I HATE doing the piping. Ya, she saved me!

(Photos below: Left—Minilou was all the rage at market!; Right—My mom and me at the Chinese bash we threw after market.—That’s my I-am-happy-it-is-all-over-with smile-wink, wink.).


It was so fun to catch up with new and old friends. The photos below include Heather Spurlock who works at Elaine’s Quilt Shop (BTW the glamper will be there with classes in August! Stay tuned!) and Deanna Hartvigsen who used to be with Mormon Handicraft but has since retired. Deanna is a dear friend and recently has gone through several rounds of chemotherapy. I couldn’t have been more glad to see her!


The photo to the left is of MOST of the Riley Blake designers. A few of the designers were missing in this shot.

The other photo is of Josh and I dressed up for the Riley Blake 80’s party. Anybody want to guess at Josh’s movie reference?


Any that’s the wrap up! It’s always such a treat to be part of the Riley Blake team and I can’t wait for Posy Garden to hit a store near you! Hopefully, I’ll have the swatch book up for it soon!

XOXO, Carina

Posy Garden Mini Quilts for the Glamper

2016-04-28 22.38.56_instagram_webThis little thing called Quilt Market has taken over my life. For the next two weeks, I will be cutting, sewing, tucking, and painting (yes, painting!) to get everything ready for Quilt Market.

For those of you who do not know what Quilt Market is, it is a tradeshow for retailers to purchase the new fabric lines coming out. It is twice a year and this spring, it happens to be in Salt Lake. If you are REALLY curious about what Quilt Market is like, you can check out the video I did of several booths in Portland 2013. Skip through to see the different booths (there are a lot!).

Anyway, I have some sneaky peeks of some of the mini quilts that have been arriving for the glamper.  Because this Quilt Market is in Salt Lake, I have the awesome opportunity to feature the glamper in my booth!

(The photo above is a mini made by Debbie of @HappyLittleCottage1).

2016-04-28 22.27.41_instagram_web

This darling little bike one is made by Cherilyn of @FarmWifeJournal. All the little hand stitching is SO sweet!

Most of these mini’s will be placed on the cabinets of the glamper for the show. We’ll also use them in a glamper stop we are doing at Elaine’s Quilt Shop a little later in the summer when my new fabric line Posy Garden is released (Right now we are using digital prints and strike offs!).

2016-04-28 22.27.31_instagram_web

This one was made by Amy of @AmyLouWhoSews….little twinkling stars! Love!

2016-04-28 22.39.31_instagram_web

The beauty above was made by Angie of @MyStitchStory. Love the little hand sewing of the stems of these flowers.


This little flower mini was made by Amanda of @JediCraftGirl. I love how well this one features all of the fabrics in the Posy Garden fabric collection!


How about the sweetness (and awesome machine quilting?) done by Christine of @StitchingRevival.

I have a couple more that we haven’t photographed yet, so you’ll just have to wait on those. But what a fabulous sneak peek, right?

Happy Sewing!






Glamper Tour—Recap of Pine Needles Quilt Shop

IMG_8494_rework1Last weekend we were at Pine Needles at Gardner Village. It was a great event and so busy! I was grateful to everyone who came out to do make and takes, hang out with the designers and see Lucy!

So many of my favorite designers came to be part of the event including Deena Rutter and Lori Whitlock (who I get to work with at Carta Bella and Echo Park). Chelsea Andersen came all the way from St. George to be at this event (Thank you, Chelsea!). The fabulous Emily Taylor (photo below), Amanda Herring, Jina Barney (Creative Director for Riley Blake), Alexis Barney, and Cindy Cloward (Owner of Riley Blake) were all there making the festivities so fun!

Our final stop is at Mormon Handicraft/Deseret Book this Saturday (May 10th) from 1-4pm. Details below:

Mormon Handicraft/ Deseret Book
1110 Fort Union Blvd
Midvale, UT 84047
Back Parking Lot
May 10, 2014
Glamper, Designers, and Carina’s New Dishware Line

(photo above—Little Ark Fabric line at Pine Needles)



(photo above) Holli (Pine Needles Store Manager), me, and Sandy Workman (Pine Needles Owner and Riley Blake Designer)



(photo above) Emily Taylor showcasing her new fabric lines.


(photo above) Just to give you an idea of our set up.


(photo above, starting left) Lori Whitlock, Carina Gardner, Deena Rutter, Emily Taylor, Amanda Herring, Jina BArney, Sandy Workman, Chelsea Andersen

Hope to see you at our final stop this weekend!

Glamper Recap on Quiltique

IMG_8229_webI’m a bit behind since I need to recap the last two glamper stops. This has been taking up a lot of my time recently. Feel free to “like” that page because I am going to have A LOT more on that later along with a number of giveaways and beautiful images come time to launch.

So here’s my photo recap of our Glamper Stop at Quiltique.

First off, Little Ark is in shops! (Yaaay!) Quiltique had these darling bundles available for sell. I also spotted some Evening Blooms pre-cuts in their shop. If you are in the Las Vegas area, Quiltique is a must-visit shop. I love the glass windows into the classroom and all the quilts hung above the shop. There were some darling displays and of course, an abundance of fabric.

(photo below) Quiltique is a family-owned business. We happily all posed in front of the glamper in the Las Vegas heat!




The number one question I get from people who come to see the glamper is, “So do you use it?” The answer is always, “YES! Open a cupboard, and you’ll see all the food still in it from the last trip!” At this stop, this was even more true since I had to get up bright and early to clean the glamper. My family had been living in it for spring break as we traveled down to Nevada from SLC.


(photo below) Since it was Quiltique’s birthday weekend, I was excited to meet Me and My Sisters Designs (Moda Fabrics) who happen to be teaching in the shop the same day!


(photo below) This little cutie is one of my college roommate’s daughters who dropped by to see me!


I had an amazing time at Quiltique and loved seeing their shop! Thank you to all of you who dropped by to see Lucy and me!



Glamper Tour—Stop at Pine Needles Quilt Shop at Gardner Village

glamperdesignersThis Saturday Lucy and I are headed to Pine Needles Quilt Shop at Gardner Village in West Jordan. First off, the quilt shop is AMAZING, and I love going in and grabbing this and that. Sandy Workman’s embroidery patterns alone are worth going in for!

Second, they are having a special sale just for the glamper tour! All Riley Blake pre-cuts will be 30% off! How’s that for fabulous.

Third, if you have never visited Gardner Village, this is an excuse to! I was first introduced to Gardner Village early in my marriage at a family gathering at Archibald’s Restaurant. Josh’s family is related to these Gardner’s so it is always fun for my kids to look at the photos hanging over the booths.

Best yet, you’ll get to meet a lot of fabulous Riley Blake designers at this event. Amanda Herring, Deena Rutter, Chelsea Anderson, Sandy Workman, and Emily Taylor will be there with samples from their new lines. RB Creative Director Jina Barney and Alexis Barney will be there with make and takes. We’ll have a raffle every 30 minutes. And the sale. And Lucy. And treats. Enuff said!

Here’s the info for this Glamper Stop

Pine Needles Quilt Shop
Gardner Village
1100 West 7800 South, #29S
West Jordan, UT  84088
May 3, 2014
30% Sale on Riley Blake Pre-cuts

I hope to see you there!



Glamper Tour Stop on April 19th at Quiltique in Nevada

GLAMPER_carinagardner_6_webYesterday my family trekked from Salt Lake City to St. George for spring break and for the Quiltique Glamper Stop! St. George is just a side trip to play in the red rock and go to the children’s museum (from which this post is being written).

Currently, my glamper doesn’t look as pristine as you see it in the photo to the right. One night in the glamper turns the small space into kids chaos. I keep telling myself that’s what it’s for!:) You’ll see it in the pristine condition when I see you on Saturday!

If you are on the Quiltique newsletter, then you already know that I am going to be there to help celebrate their 11th birthday! If you are in the Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada area, this is an event not to be missed! On Friday, you can enter their Easter basket raffle to try a win for the $1100 Quiltique Shopping Spree! I know they are doing lots of other fabulous things so be sure to check their website at And of course, if you come see me (wink, wink), we’ll have treats and a raffle that will happen every 30 minutes!

Here’s what you need to know:

Glamper Tour Stop 2 happens at:
213 N. Stephanie Street, Suite E
Henderson, NV 89074
Saturday, April 19, 2014

Treats, raffles, and Lucy the Glamper!

Hope to see you all there! If can follow my week down to Las Vegas by following me on instagram @carinagardner.


PS, you can check out past glamper stops and the renovation of Lucy by going here:

Glamper Tour Recap: My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe

IMG_0662_webHere it is! The Glamper Recap of our day at My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe in Logan, Utah on March 22nd, 2014. Here I am sitting in front of the shop with the owner Kris Thurgood. Her darling shop is three stories tall with classes, a full on hang out room (The Attic), kiddie area, and of course, shopping.

We parked the glamper outside with guests Deena Rutter, Emily Taylor, and Samantha Walker. Riley Blake sent the fabulous mom and daughter duo Jina and Alexis Barney.

I was grateful for the sunshine (you’ll notice we are all squinting in the photos!). When we arrived it was pretty chilly, but by 11am it was perfect. I lucked out for an outside event in Utah in March!

Here’s a peek at our day there:





Shoppers were entered into a raffle by getting their paper stamped by every designer at the event. Prizes included fabric donated by Riley Blake and large goodie bags made up of stuff from my designs at Carta Bella Paper Co, Deseret Book, and Riley Blake.


(photo below) You could sit a while in the shade of the glamper and do a make and take. (Thanks for posing for me ladies!)


(photo below-right) Designer Deena Rutter shows her patterns and beautiful fabric. Did you know that Deena also designs for me over at Carta Bella? I adore working with her!  (photo below-left) My Bella Stash Bag pattern hangs out next to some fabulous football mums.



(photo above and below) Emily Taylor’s fabric and sewing patterns are so lovely!


(photo below) Designers Samantha Walker and Deena Rutter hang out with customers. Sam’s family recently bought an RV so we all hung out over the weekend (Sam also designs for me at Carta Bella). Hoping for more of that! (And yes, my family stayed in the glamper before and after the event).



(photo above-left) Jina Barney is the Creative Director at Riley Blake and her daughter Alexis is her right-hand gal. It’s always a fun day when Riley Blake comes to party! (photos above-right) Kit shows off my Little Playdate Outfit in my Evening Blooms fabric. (photo below-left) Some Carina Gardner patterns hang out next to the daughter-doll duo of Love Next Ruffle Dress and Little Love Nest Ruffle Dress. (photo-below-right) Jolene of Sew Red Glasses and I hung out and determined color value with her cool glasses. A perfect quilting tool! Check her out at



(photo-above) My biggest misstep for the event was ordering WAY too many cookies. Thank you to everyone who was willing to have more than one:). I took plenty home and donated several to neighbors.


(photo below) My fabulous assistant Susan made the trek up to help me set up and take many of the photos you see here in this post.


(photo-below) I don’t have a lot of photos inside the shop, but here are a couple I couldn’t resist posting. The one to the left was the Riley Blake tree from a Quilt Market booth they did in Salt Lake. It is above My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe children’s play area and the perfect accessory to this gated happy place. The second is the awesome trio of chairs hanging from the ceiling in The Attic. There were so many other cool displays! I highly recommend taking a trip and checking it out!


(photo below) I can’t tell you how hard it was to find a shot where all of us were looking up with our eyes open! (from left to right) Samantha Walker, Kris Thurgood, Jina Barney, Carina Gardner, Deena Rutter, Emily Taylor, and Kim Christopherson.



(photo above) Kim (Kimberbell Designs), myself, and Kris in front of the glamper. I was thrilled to hang out at their shop and meet so many of you! Probably the most amazing moment was when three ladies from my hometown of Clarksville, Tennessee showed up! It was so incredibly delightful! Thank you Judy, Susie, and Barbara for coming to see me! It made my day!

IMG_0567_1_web copy

Our next stop is in three weeks at Quiltique in Las Vegas, Nevada (April 19th from 11am-2pm). It will be just me, my family, and the glamper for that stop. Those of you in town, I would love to see you!

Happy Glamping and Sewing!


GLAMPER TOUR: My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe on March 22nd

GlamperMarketingFlyer_1_webI’m so excited that our first stop is on SATURDAY! It is at my friend Kris’s shop (you may remember her from the DIY Dish) in Logan, Utah from 11am-2pm.

If you haven’t visited My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe, this is an opportunity not to be missed. This shop hosts a number of different classes and has the most amazing upstairs space called The Attic. I don’t think many realize that you can rent the space basically for FREE (You put down $25 to reserve the space and then when you are done with it you get a $25 gift card back to the shop).

They are also a Baby Lock dealer and if anyone knows me, I’m a sucker for their sergers. I own an Evolution and use it to create all of my sewing patterns.

Want to know what we will be doing? Make and takes for one (we are going to squish as many people as we can into the glamper for these!), a fun game to help you get to know the designers (see list below), treats (because how can any of us say no to treats?), and door prizes (donated by myself and Riley Blake!) to name a few. And then there is of course shopping (he-lllooo!) and if you haven’t been to this shop, some exploring (it’s three levels of fabulousness!).

Make sure and check out My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe’s Facebook Page here: and their website here:

My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe
1115 N 200 E #230,
Logan, UT 84341

Meet Deena Rutter, Lori Holt, Samantha Walker, Emily Taylor, Jina Barney, and Alexis Barney. And of course I will be there! And if you are there at the right time,  you might also get a chance to meet my fabulous assistant Susan!

I can’t wait to see you there! Photos on instagram and blogpost to come for those who are unable to make it!


PS. If you missed all my posts about renovating the glamper, you can find there here:   You’ll see how we took this vintage trailer from renovation nightmare to it’s current glamped up state! And if you want to see where else we are going this spring, check that out here:

Glamper Tour Spring 2014 Dates Announced!

Here is it! The list of shops that Lucy the Glamper will be coming to this spring! Please come see us! You’ll get to come do make and takes in (and outside) the glamper, have treats, check out new fabric lines, get ideas from our samples, and meets lots of great designers! It’s going to be SO fun, and I can’t wait to meet you!


Did I mention the awesome number of designers who will be attending these events? Here’s the breakdown of who will be at each event.

March 22 My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe in Logan, Utah 11am-2pm with Riley Blake, Deena Rutter, Emily Taylor, Lori Holt, and Samantha Walker

April 19 Quiltique in Las Vegas, Nevada 11am- 2pm with Riley Blake and Chelsea Andersen

May 3 Pine Needles at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah 11an-2pm with Riley Blake, Sandy Workman, Lori Whitlock, Samantha Walker, Emily Taylor, Lori Holt, Amanda Herring, and Deena Rutter.

May 10 Mormon Handicraft Fort Union in Sandy, Utah 1pm-4pm with Riley Blake, Lori Holt, Amanda Herring, Samantha Walker, Emily Taylor, Deena Rutter, and Lori Whitlock.


And of course, I will be there showing my new fabric line Little Ark hanging out! In fact, the May 10th event at Mormon Handicraft is a special Mother’s Day event and not only will you see all of Riley Blake’s gorgeous new fabric lines, but I will also be showing my newest goodies for Deseret Book!

Spread the word! Feel free to grab the images in this post and let people know about these events! I’d love to see you there!





Glamper Renovation — Full Reveal! Part 5

IMG_6096_blogIt’s taken several months, but our glamper is finally finished! I think we have named her Lucy (I’m still a but noncommittal since I have trouble not just calling her “the glamper.”) I’m so happy with how the interiors turned out. There was much sewing, wallpapering, painting and contast cleaning. I’m so excited for the memories that our little family will be creating in her. At the moment, she is my personal office since I stole away to St. George to finish taking pictures of her and get some much needed work under my belt.

I hope you enjoy the photos and come see her on the Glamper Tour this spring! I will be revealing the places a little later this week.

BTW, all the photos of me were shot by my fabulous assistant Susan. I know, she rocks.

Here are some of the highlights (check them out in the photos).

1. Wallpapered door, table, and kitchen (patterns from my October 2014 fabric line…yet to be seen)
2. Laminates from Riley Blake on all the cushions (best decision EVER!)
3. Curtains featuring my Evening Blooms fabric collection and Tasha Noel’s Simple Life all by Riley Blake.
4. Refrigerator covered with some chalk art I made (printed at Costco…they have the best price for 30 x 20 images!)

GLAMPER_carinagardner_1_web copySome of the pictures make Lucy look bigger than she is. Keep in mind she is 17 feet long and every cushioned surface becomes a bed (bunk on the top with the double cushions pull out, dinette becomes the bottom bunk, and sofa turns in to a double bed). Oh ya, and even though it isn’t pictured here, check out the silver piece between the bathroom door (it has a mirror on it) and the sofa. That’s were I hang the 24 inch TV when we aren’t on the go.

Want to see the befores?

Glamper Renov Part 1
Glamper Renov Part 2
Glamper Renov Part 3
Glamper Renov Part 4

Recap of Glamper Visit to Pine Needles Quilt Shop
Recap of Glamper Visit to My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shoppe
Recap of Glamper Visit to Quiltique



PS. You’ll notice no pictures of the bathroom in this post. That is the one part of the glamper that may take more time to renovate. I’ll show you once I’ve finished making decisions about where it is going to go. This renovation never ends!

GLAMPER_carinagardner_8_web  GLAMPER_carinagardner_2_web  IMG_6310_blogGLAMPER_carinagardner_7_web GLAMPER_carinagardner_5_web    GLAMPER_carinagardner_10_web   IMG_6159_blog

GLAMPER_carinagardner_9_web   IMG_6173_blogIMG_6286_blog IMG_6304_blog  IMG_6295_blogGLAMPER_carinagardner_3_web      GLAMPER_carinagardner_6_web


Glamper Renovation Part 4- Exterior Finished!


It’s been so busy I haven’t had a chance to post the finished exterior of the glamper! And just in time too! I was watching the weather closely to paint the exterior and parts of the interior.


The polka dots turned out to be a bit of a chore. At the end of the day, I’m glad I did it because it gives my glamper such a fun look. To get the polka dots I cut 5 inch circles out with a circle cutter with an 18mm blade. I then spaced them out 5 inches apart both vertically and horizontally. Because I was using a spray, I knew the circles wouldn’t come out “clean”. Once the paint was dry, I just figured that I was going to be able to use a stencil to outfit the edges with my white paint.

Because of all the crinkles on the glamper, this turned out to be an impossible plan. I ended up hand painting every single dot! Eek! Thankfully I got a little help (see photo below).


I did a touch up coat of white on the top of the glamper and a tiny gray stripe between the top and bottom. It was two days of torment well worth it!


Here’s a quick view of the other side of the glamper:


I’ve also been working hard on the exterior and finally finished painting the bathroom, touch-ups, most of the hardware is in, the fridge installed, tv hardware installed, the cushions all sewn, and most of the curtains finished. I’m still a bit out before I can show you all of it. In fact, I have a hankering to decorate it for Christmas so the first shots of the interior you might see all “Christmas-ed up.”

If you haven’t seen the previous posts on the Glamper, here are some quick links for you:

Glamper Renovation Part 3
Glamper Renovation Part 2
Glamper Renovation Part 1