Fabric Design Begins Next Week!


class_fabricdesignclassI’ve been working day and night to finish this new class. I even just updated the syllabus to give you even more details on what we are doing in this class. It is 20% off for this session (because of the Grand Opening sale), and I hope you take advantage so I can see you in class! I’m going to show you how I print fabric from home, create repeats for production, get sketches and painting vectorized, and a whole lot more. I just finished editing the videos with Creative Director Jina Barney, designer Amanda Herring, designer Shari Butler, and designer Deena Rutter. Believe me, it’s going to be fun!!!

I know in future sessions I plan on interviewing more designers. Those who take this first session will also get any interviews I do forever after since I plan on just adding them into the class as we do new sessions.

The best is that the Fabric Design class comes on the heels of Quilt Market. I’m heading out tomorrow and trying to wrap up my schoolhouse and make and takes. We are also taking all the audio and camera equipment to do a CGTV episode! Yes, I know it has been a long time, but whewww! It’s been busy!

Instagramming for QM begins NOW!




Snow College’s Entrepreneurship Seminar

Yesterday I spoke at Snow College’s Entrepreneurship Seminar Series. It seems crazy to me that 4 and half years ago I didn’t know much at all about the industries I now design for. If you have ever wondered about my story, you can watch the hour long seminar I gave here: http://www.ihigh.com/snowbadgers/broadcast_260013.html?silverlight=1

Hope you enjoy! Today Lindsay and I are getting together to film our Christmas video. Should be fun!


Instagram and Other Such Things

I took the plunge last week and put the Instagram App on my iPhone. I’ll admit that I was a little terrified of using it so it took me a few days to pull it out and really try it. But after taking a couple of pictures, linking it up to my Facebook page (and I love that you can choose which photos get posted), messing around with all the cool filters, and checking out everyone else’s photos—well, I think I’m addicted.

If you want to check out my Instagram feed, you can subscribe to my user handle carinagardner. I also found that SnapWidget is the most user-friendly blog widget (see on my sidebar).


I think I am digging Instagram because it’s like a mini blog post. I get to see what everyone is up to in a single image. I (personally) prefer a picture to a tweet. It says so much more about what you are up to, how you live, and what your life is all about.

To narrator the photo above—That is a picture of the Spring 2012 Issue of Where Women Create Magazine. The photo has me looking pretty tan/sunburned in the middle of winter. I can ASSURE you, that I’m amazingly pasty white. Not in a good way. In my dreams I would look even a smidgeon that tan. If you get a chance to snag this fabulous magazine, you can find this pic in the Riley Blake Studio section.

And the photo to the left is of my Siri-girl sewing together a quilt. I have a new appreciation and love for 5 1/2 inch pre cut blocks. They are the best for little rugrats to create with. Both the girls sewed mini quilts while I cut bias for my new quilt. Yesterday was the first day I really saw the value of having two sewing machines in the studio. It was nice to not have to volley for my Bernina since Siri was all ready to go on her Singer.

Happy photo taking to you too!—Carina