A New Headband

Unfortunately, this photo doesn’t do it justice (That’s what you get when you are trying to take a quick snapshot at night using a mirror!), but I wanted to show you this adorable headband. It is seriously sweet, and I won it at a church auction from one of my dear neighbors Brittany Moffet.

Other than wanting to show off the new headband, I wanted to show off the new lens I’ve been using. It’s March of Tools, but heaven knows I’ve been too busy to post anything about it. So here’s my “tool” of the month: the Canon 50mm f/1.8. I like the price (very cheap as far as lenses go) and how light it is.

I’ve been leaving this lens on my camera for my “all-purpose” photography: the kids at the breakfast table, shots of napkin sketches at the Blueplate Diner, and anything else that catches my fancy.

Most of the photos you are seeing on this blog these days are captured with this lens. Not shabby for an itty-bitty lens!

March of Tools: The Wacom Tablet and Card Scan Reader

In honor of March of the Tools, I decided to feature two of my favorite tools: My Wacom Tablet and Scan Card Reader. My Wacom Tablet I’ve had for a out 2 years now and love. Last May, however, when we moved from Minnesota to Utah, my Wacom pen was lost. I had placed it in my mother-in-law’s carry on bag and it somehow got lost in the mix. So I’ve been without a Wacom pen for most of this last year. Last week I couldn’t stand it anymore (mouse drawing is NOT that fun) and I ordered a new pen. I told Josh I ordered a new pen and he said, “Well, you know what’s going to happen now don’t you? You’re going to find your other pen!” I thought he was silly because I had already torn apart the whole house looking for it. 

So last night, my mother-in-law drops by and upon seeing my new pen sitting at my desk, tells Josh (I wasn’t there), “I just found one of those at my house! I meant to bring it by.” I couldn’t BELIEVE it! Serendipitous? 

So I am so happy I have my old pen and can send back the new one (which I have had for a total of 1 and 1/2 days and was a small chunk of change).


My Card Scan Reader is another tool I can’t live without! Did you know that using your regular USB to hook up your camera to your computer is suppose to be hard on your camera? So our IT guy at work gave me this. It works for 5 kinds of cards and Josh and I use it for both the point and shoot camera and my Canon Rebel. It’s SO fast and pretty inexpensive! And hey, if it extends the life of my cameras, then it is DEFINITELY worth it!



Easy Cake Decorator

As part of Heather Bailey’s March of Tools, I am trying to remember tools in my life that I can’t live without…especially when I recently use them. While I spend most of my “tool time” with my computer and other technical gadgets (and will be posting more and tutorials on them soon;), I decided to throw this wrench in the works. My first gadget for the March of tools is my dumbed-down cake decorator. I decided to feature it because I have been using it a lot lately (a lot for me anyway!). Siri, Flissa, and I made cupcakes today for an early St. Patrick’s Day.


I like the idea of using multiple tips, but truthfully, if I’m making cupcakes for preschool or a birthday, I’m probably going to use the same three tips that I know how to use. This little instrument makes life pretty easy with clean up AND decorating. I believe I got it from Michael’s about 6 years ago. I’ve been using it ever since!

So there it is! My first featured tool. Not very clever, but a great tool nonetheless! (Plus the first one I’ve had time to take a photograph of.)