June Block of the Month 2017 Now Available!

This is the last Block of the Month video this year so make sure and grab the download and finish up your quilt! The download for June measurements are available here:

Sad that Block of the Month is ending? Make sure and check back on the youtube channel EVERY THURSDAY for a fabric video!

Sweetie Pie Quilt Along Blog Tour – Blueberry

It’s a double blogpost kind of day because I have both sewing and paper on the mind (see new tutorial for SVGS in the post below). Today I get to show you my quilt block from Lori Holt’s Sweetie Pie Quilt!

Riley Blake has teamed up with fellow designer Lori Holt to give you two free video tutorials on this quilt along with all the instructions for free. I had a blast putting together the blueberry block in my Posy Garden™ fabrics.

Because I had a little extra time at church (yes, I was doing the embroidery at church), I filled in the branches in a thick brown thread. I also had to pull the green from my very first line for Riley Blake Dainty Blossoms™.

Have you been making this quilt? What kinds of fabrics are you using?

Happy Sewing!

February & March Posy Garden Block of the Month


I think I managed to forget to do a post on Block of the Month for February so I’m doing double duty today!

I’m a bit late, but March block of the month is finally up! We had some technically difficulties over the last few days with the website so I’m so happy everything seems to be resolved with our hosting company.

March’s video is a bit long but hopefully helps all of you beginners put together this video. If you can’t tell, I had fun making it (wink, wink). The downloads are all available in the shop for free (as per usual). I use Posy Garden fabric (with minky on the back for Felicity), but you can make it in any fabric you want. Felicity and I also tested a portion of the inside of this quilt with Primrose Garden (I’ll make sure to post a pic soon on Facebook).

Hope you have fun making it!!!!

XOXO- Carina

February 2017 BLOCK VIDEO


March 2017 BLOCK VIDEO

Grab the MARCH DOWNLOAD here.

Carina Gardner’s 2017 Block of the Month

I’m so excited to introduce the 2017 Block of the Month Quilt! I’ve posted the introduction to this year’s block of the month below along with the January video! As always, you will be able to access everything on my 2017 BLOCK OF THE MONTH PAGE. That page is updated monthly with all the videos and download links you need! Check out the quilt we will be making!


This is a scrappy quilt and you can make it from scraps OR purchase a fat quarter pack to cut your blocks. You can start with me in January or anywhere along the way. I am using my line Posy Garden for Riley Blake in this quilt. Download all the cutting and fabric requirements here:

Want to become part of my instagram (@carinagardner) community? Sew with me every month and hashtag #carinagardner the photo of your monthly block so I can see what you are making!
January 2017 BLOCK VIDEO


Interview on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio – Episode #320

american-patchwork-quilting-pocast-episode-320-carina-gardnerYesterday I was thrilled (aka nervous!) to be on American Patchwork & Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan. I didn’t get to hear the episode until late last night, but if you are the least bit interested in what I have to say about Barbie doll sewing, Posy Garden, how I got into fabric, and my glamper, go check it out here:


Choose Episode 320:).



Posy Garden Blog Hop & PreSale of Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts

PosyGardenSewingProjects_2_stroke_smToday is the start of our wonderful BlogHop with Riley Blake Designs for my new collection Posy Garden! I can’t wait for you to see all the amazing goodness that is about to be unveiled over the next two weeks! It’s going to be awesome!

Along with that! My new (and first!) eBook called Simply Modern Patchwork Quilts goes on presale today! Eeek! I’m so excited! It will release on August 15th in the Kindle Store on Amazon. I’ll add links here as soon as the presale goes live! I know we are doing a HEFTY discount for the presale so keep your eyes open for it!

***NOTE: It’s on PRESALE NOW! Go to Amazon to purchase it here. The presale price is $4.99. which is 50% off the regular price of $9.99 through AUGUST 15th when it becomes available! That’s less than 50 cents per pattern! Make sure and grab it during the presale period!

There are also four contributing pattern designers to the book including Amy Webb, Amanda Neiderhauser, Christine Cook, and Angie Tackett! These ladies did a fabulous job and I can’t wait for you to see what they have done!

As for the Bloghop, here is the list you are going to want to visit everyday! Come back to this post to link over to these ladies blogs!

I’ll also be reposting their projects over the next two weeks on instagram if you want to follow over there.06_gardenpatchquilt

Okay, here’s the amazing line up!

Monday, August 1st: My Sewing Haven with Carla Peicheff

Tuesday, August 2nd Happy Little Cottage with Debbie Homick

Tuesday, August 2nd The Family Hearth with Bridgette McNay

Wednesday, August 3rd Fort Worth Fabric Studio with Lindsey Weight

Wednesday, August 3rd Happy Quilting Melissa with Melissa Corry

Thursday, August 4th Pretty By Hand with Kristyne Czepuryk

Thursday, August 4th Out of the Blue with Sondra Davison

Friday, August 5th Samelia’s Mom with Anorina Morris

Friday, August 5th Free Time Frolics with Adrienne Woods

Monday, August 8th Flamingo Toes with Bev McCullough

Monday, August 8th Silly Mama Quilts with Brooke Sellmann

Tuesday, August 9th Snickerdoodle Stew with Jessica Stewart

Tuesday, August 9th A Little Patchwork with Ange Hamilton

Wednesday, August 10th Ameroonie Designs with Amy Chappell

Thursday, August 11th One Little Pooh with Tina

Thursday, August 11th Jedi Craft Girl with Amanda Neiderhauser

Friday, August 12th Stitching Revival with Christine Cook

I’m so excited to see all their amazing projects! It’s going to keep myself from sewing all week!


Psst! If you are in Utah, make sure to come visit me at Elaine’s Quilt shop this weekend on August 6th! I’m teaching a free class in the morning and the Clean Star Quilt in the afternoon. My glamper will also be there to tour all day!



Join Carina Gardner August 6, 2016 at Elaine’s Quilt Block in Salt Lake City

IMG_3070_1_webThat’s right! I’m going to be at Elaine’s Quilt Block! Put Saturday, August 6, 2016 on your calendar because I am pulling in my glamper and teaching classes! Here’s what is happening!

When: SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2016
6970 S 3000 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
What: Classes, Glamper Walk Through, Kits, and Raffles!
Class Times: 10am-12pm Modern Granny Square Pillow or Mini Quilt (Shown below)
1pm-3pm Clean Star Quilt (shown in the pic to the left)

Here’s the deal on classes: There is a Posy Garden Kit you will need to buy from Elaine’s for each of the classes. There is a class cost that I believe will be $24.99. I will have raffles sponsored from Riley Blake and I will be making a grand prize for someone to win at the end of the day. Be sure to check Elaine’s Quilt Block for registration and more information on this!

Raffles will be happening throughout the day. I know there will be some cool things happening to enter into that (more on that on instagram!).

The glamper will be set up like we had it for Quilt Market.



I hope you will come join me because we are going to have a wonderful time! I’m so excited to launch Posy Garden.

See you at Elaine’s!


2016 Quilt Market Recap in Salt Lake City

IMG_3728 I’m still decompressing a bit from market. In fact, when we finished and pulled the entire double booth down, I looked through my photos on my phone and realized that I had been so busy, I hardly took ANY pictures. WHHHAAAT? Whoops.

In the end, you’ll have to visit the hastag #carinaglamps on instagram to see all the going ons that happened in my booth over the course of the three glorious days at Quilt Market 2016 in Salt Lake City.

First off, a story. My glamper was suppose to go in before all the pipe and drape went up in the convention center.

Ya. They forgot about me. When I called the Tuesday before set up, they realized their mistake. So I pulled it in at 8am Wednesday before everyone else came to set up (important since we didn’t want to drive over anyone else and their booths). One of the dock workers pulled it into the Salt Palace for me since exhibitors were technically not allowed in yet. All good.

A bit later, a DIFFERENT dock worker came and asked me if I wanted the door facing out. I’m not sure what the expression on my face was, but I can tell you I was extremely puzzled and confused. I think I mumbled a, “Um, yes? I mean, I want people to actually go INTO it.” Apparently, they had pulled the glamper in BACKWARDS with the door facing the inside of the booth (as in, no one would be able to actually get into it). I believe I heard the dock worker mumble something along the lines of, “I told those idiots that.” as he ran in to the scene of the crime.

Needless to say, they fixed it. I’m not sure how well my booth would have gone over if no one was able to actually go into it to see all the pretty Posy Garden fabric (heehee!).

Because I didn’t leave my booth much, I only have highlights for you. Maybe the biggest highlight (for me) was that the booth won the Creativity Award. I was SO honored! I hadn’t thought about booth awards and I felt grateful to get one. (Photos below: Left—Creativity Booth Award; Right: Baby Coco visits the glamper)


(Photo below: Left—I spent a lot of time on the chalkboards for this booth; Right—First day of the show.)


Most of my double booth was taken up by the glamper (which is about 10′ Wide and 17′ in Length), but we also had a fun section of MiniLou at the front and a section in the back for patterns and block of the month. And that darling sign above (the white one with my logo on it) was made by my sister who has a darling etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SKWoodDesigns. She also made the MiniLou one below. (Photos below: Left—this was taken by @emmalinebags; Right—MiniLou).


I wish I could take credit for all the wonderful sewing in the glamper, but I can’t. I had some fabulous sewers put together many of the projects in the booth. A big thank you to @stitchingrevival Christine Cook, @quiltstorymeg Megan, @mystitchstory Angie Tackett, @amylouwhosews Amy Webb, @farmwifejournal Cherilyn Dunn, @diaryofaquilter Amy Smart 20.2, @jedicraftgirl Amanda Neiderhauser and @happylittlecottage1 Debbie Homick. They made wonderful minis for the glamper.

(Photos below: Left—Amy Smart shows off her mini; Right—Flying Geese Pillow and Garden Patch Quilt I made using my Posy Garden fabric).


(Photos below: Amanda Niederhauser and her mini; Christine Cook and her mini).


Last but not least, my mom came into town and helped with my kids, sewing, and cleaning to get me ready for market. She sewed all the curtains, cushions, and gulp, the piping for all the pillows. Did I mention I HATE doing the piping. Ya, she saved me!

(Photos below: Left—Minilou was all the rage at market!; Right—My mom and me at the Chinese bash we threw after market.—That’s my I-am-happy-it-is-all-over-with smile-wink, wink.).


It was so fun to catch up with new and old friends. The photos below include Heather Spurlock who works at Elaine’s Quilt Shop (BTW the glamper will be there with classes in August! Stay tuned!) and Deanna Hartvigsen who used to be with Mormon Handicraft but has since retired. Deanna is a dear friend and recently has gone through several rounds of chemotherapy. I couldn’t have been more glad to see her!


The photo to the left is of MOST of the Riley Blake designers. A few of the designers were missing in this shot.

The other photo is of Josh and I dressed up for the Riley Blake 80’s party. Anybody want to guess at Josh’s movie reference?


Any that’s the wrap up! It’s always such a treat to be part of the Riley Blake team and I can’t wait for Posy Garden to hit a store near you! Hopefully, I’ll have the swatch book up for it soon!

XOXO, Carina

Almost there! Quilt Market Starts tomorrow!

IMG_2081_1_1+webTomorrow is the kick off of Quilt Market. Earlier this week, Felicity and I were part of the runway show at Riley Blake’s Retail Fabric Extravaganza. I also did a drop for Riley Blake’s awesome Fabric is Fun 60 days of giveaways that has been going on.

On Wednesday my team and I installed the glamper into the Salt Palace and finished setting up the booth. (We are in Booth #2031 BTW! Come by if you are here). Today I have a Schoolhouse and I’ll be selling MiniLou at Sample Spree.

It’s been a tough few weeks finishing up our mid year launch of products for MiniLou and finishing everything I needed done before Quilt Market. There’s a lot more that goes into Quilt Market than just the sewing (although that takes up a lot of the time!). Organizing other quilters to make projects, ordering catalogs, designing new business cards, ordering flooring/lighting/walls, and getting babysitting are just a few of the things that were on my to-do list.

IMG_2139_instagramwebSpeaking of babysitting, my mom was in for the save. She showed up last Saturday and has helped me sew, watch kids, cook, and clean this whole week. Such a blessing! That kind of help is priceless and I owe you one, Mom!

Quilt Market Summary will be up sometime soon!


(Photo above is my Perfect Hexagon Quilt Sewing Pattern in my Posy Garden fabric line available in quilt stores July 2016. Photo to the left was made by Megan Jimenez of @quiltstorymeg)





Posy Garden Mini Quilts for the Glamper

2016-04-28 22.38.56_instagram_webThis little thing called Quilt Market has taken over my life. For the next two weeks, I will be cutting, sewing, tucking, and painting (yes, painting!) to get everything ready for Quilt Market.

For those of you who do not know what Quilt Market is, it is a tradeshow for retailers to purchase the new fabric lines coming out. It is twice a year and this spring, it happens to be in Salt Lake. If you are REALLY curious about what Quilt Market is like, you can check out the video I did of several booths in Portland 2013. Skip through to see the different booths (there are a lot!).

Anyway, I have some sneaky peeks of some of the mini quilts that have been arriving for the glamper.  Because this Quilt Market is in Salt Lake, I have the awesome opportunity to feature the glamper in my booth!

(The photo above is a mini made by Debbie of @HappyLittleCottage1).

2016-04-28 22.27.41_instagram_web

This darling little bike one is made by Cherilyn of @FarmWifeJournal. All the little hand stitching is SO sweet!

Most of these mini’s will be placed on the cabinets of the glamper for the show. We’ll also use them in a glamper stop we are doing at Elaine’s Quilt Shop a little later in the summer when my new fabric line Posy Garden is released (Right now we are using digital prints and strike offs!).

2016-04-28 22.27.31_instagram_web

This one was made by Amy of @AmyLouWhoSews….little twinkling stars! Love!

2016-04-28 22.39.31_instagram_web

The beauty above was made by Angie of @MyStitchStory. Love the little hand sewing of the stems of these flowers.


This little flower mini was made by Amanda of @JediCraftGirl. I love how well this one features all of the fabrics in the Posy Garden fabric collection!


How about the sweetness (and awesome machine quilting?) done by Christine of @StitchingRevival.

I have a couple more that we haven’t photographed yet, so you’ll just have to wait on those. But what a fabulous sneak peek, right?

Happy Sewing!