Project 365-January Album Kit Now on Sale!

365_carina_2-2I finally finished a full week of photos! I’m really liking the Project 365 challenge because I am starting to get a sense of what kind of album I’m going to end up with this year. You can sort of see it in this layout—an album full of details, not just the big events and some real insight into what we do as a family.

The one thing that is going to be tricky is keeping the layouts neutral so that the photos shine. I’m using my Distressed White on White papers here. And just to make my life easier, I went ahead and finished out all my layouts ahead of time for the entire month of January so all I have to do is insert the photos and journaling.

One thing I’m noticing is that along with the 365, I want to do pullouts of events. So I created myself 4 layouts for multiple photos that are just for those events (siri’s birthday party, ice skating, and sledding). I wanted them to match my 365 layouts, so I used the Distressed White on White papers for them as well.

preview_JANALBUM_CGAnd if life is crazy, busy (when isn’t it?), you can just pick up my new January album (released today at 30% off) and insert your own photos without the hassle of actually making the layout. How easy was that?

I’m just glad that for the rest of January all I’ll be doing is snapping photos!

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As for me, I’m working on getting together a new instruction pdf for you on how to make my easy-to-make octopus costume. Sounds silly? My six year old does have some silly demands and sometimes her mama gives in. Keep you posted!

Project 365-I’m On It!

365_carina_1_smWhen I decided to head the Project 365 at Design House Digital, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. First off, remembering to take a picture every day is a little harder than I thought it would be! Secondly, I am really proud of myself for moving forward with this—more than I thought I would be. I am excited to really have an entire year of photos of my family wrapped up in a sweet little book. It gives me the opportunity to really give my children something that they will love and enjoy and I can reminisce about in years to come.

Want to check out my 365 Challenge? Go straight to the forums here or go to the DHD blog post here.Want to see my first layout blog post? Go here.

So here’s my first layout of my first two days (I am choosing to do layouts by week-Sunday through Saturday. So this is Friday and Saturday Jan 1-2.) of 2010. The great thing about me doing the layouts is that I am making all of these great little papers and elements for myself to use (and then, of course sharing with you!). I found myself really wanting subtle neutral backgrounds so that my photos could speak for themselves. I also wanted to do a alot of journaling which resulted in journaling and timeline kits. More layouts of 365 coming soon!

I also wanted you all to know that DHD has decided to have two release dates during January! Now you will see new releases on Thursday AND Monday. All the new releases those two days will be 30% off. How fab is that? DHD released 70 kits today! It’s that nuts?It’s only been open 6 days and there are 210 products in the shop.