4.25 in. x 5.5 in. Card Tutorial for the Silhouette Cameo

A new tutorial is up for the 4.25 in. x 5.5 in. cards I have up on my Silhouette shop!Visit her shop at: https://www.silhouettedesignstore.com/artists/252689.

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Check out these files that relate to this tutorial:



2017 Tutorial Tuesdays for 99 cents!

2017tutorialtuesday_jan3_carinagardner_iconI’m so excited to announce that this year I’m introducing a Tutorial Tuesday! Every Tuesday you will see a new 5-10 minute tutorial on one of my favorite programs (illustrator, indesign, photoshop, silhouette software), a sewing technique or some other crafty goodness.

Each tutorial will go up on Tuesdays for the introductory price of 99 cents! Isn’t that a steal of a deal? Wednesday they will go to their normal price of $2.99. So get it while it’s hot!

I’m excited for the very first tutorial, which is an Illustrator Tutorial (you know me, I can’t help teaching a little Illustrator!). I show you how to make a scalloped tag and I highlight the following things:

• The Ellipse Tool
• The Pattern Brush Tool
• Using the Fill and Stroke
• Changing colors
• Expanding Objects
• Trimming and Uniting Objects
• Arranging Objects (Front, Back, ect)
• Ungroup Objects

What you will need for this lesson:
• Illustrator CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, or Cloud (A free month trial is available at Adobe)
• Internet access (video is streaming)

Every week will be a little different so make sure and check them all out as I release them! If you have never taken Illustrator before (or any of the other programs), it’s ALL GOOD! The tutorials are meant for every level to give you tips and tricks, get you comfortable with the software or technique, and help you in your own business, blog, or personal design endeavors.

This week only, the first tutorial will be 99 cents ALL WEEK. That’s right! Up until next week’s tutorial.

Happy learning!



Shadow Box Sliding Card

I’m still recovering from Quilt Market and I’m hoping to have photos up by Thursday! We had a great show and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. For now, I’ve added my shadow box to the Mini Episodes! We have been making so many gorgeous little videos of the new Carina Gardner and MiniLou products coming out in our Bundle Shop and in the Silhouette shops. You’ll see them premier on instagram so check it all out there!


CarinaGardner.com Now Has Diecutting File Bundles!


So after weeks of my production assistant and designer telling me it was TIME, I finally gave in and we are hosting bundles of SVG files on our site! This is a bit of a leap of faith on my part. I’m so hopeful that you will like what we have done and those of you with different types of machines (other than a Silhouette) have access to my designs!

So here is the deal: Each of our file sets include an svg file that works with most softwares & the Silhouette Designer Software AND it includes a studio file for the free Silhouette Software. In our descriptions, we have linked instructions, our private facebook groups, and added video tutorials so you can watch instructions DIRECTLY in the instructions. How cool is that?

And the best part is that we are doing a 35% off sale THIS MONTH ONLY to kick everything up! Want to get even more off? Join our private facebook group who get their own coupon codes and our newsletter who also get separate coupon codes.

Everyday, the team is uploading new bundles to the site so that you have access to all of my SVGS as well as MiniLou’s SVGs. Now all your cutting and crafting is easier than ever! Go check it out!


Audrey Sewing Pattern Collection Maxi Dress Hack

IMG_1120_1croppedLooking back, I’m not sure I even did a blogpost on the Audrey Sewing Collection that premiered in the shop last month. It’s my first knit collection and includes 4 patterns for Misses and 4 patterns for Girls/Teens. The whole collection makes me pretty happy…easy-to-sew, easy-to-wear clothing.

So here’s my first hack with the collection. First of all, I’m a big fan of a summer dress or tunic (hence those lengths throughout the collection). Second, I’m a huge fan of a Maxi! For those of you who have already bought the sewing patterns, you can see that making a maxi seemed out of the question. There are already SO many pieces for you to tape together to make your pattern.

So here’s your hack. Simply add 28 inches of length to the front and back tunic pieces at the bottom. I’d also purchase an extra yard of fabric. Easy right? I don’t get all crazy about straight lines, ect. You just need the length. Longer is always better since you can hem it down.


IMG_1151_1_webThe fabric you see pictured is Riley Blake’s new ikat knit in navy. I’ve made the short versions of this pattern before but never the maxi and it took me about an hour and a half to make. I used the Misses Style 3 Pattern and used a gold zipper I got from my local craft store.

We took these pictures near one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas (we were there for a toy show for my kids company MiniLou) called Eat. It’s a brunch place and the eggs benedict on the weekends is to die for. Or the cinnamon biscuits. Or the egg truffle sandwich. Or the…well, you get the picture.

You can check out the video where I show you how to put together the Style 3 zipper (It’s easier than it looks!) although I did manage to break 4 stretch needles on the zipper because I wasn’t careful about where I was going.

I like using a stretch interfacing when making this. It holds the zipper and fabric together nicely.


And that’s it! I plan on making this with several of the other Riley Blake knits. Comfortable summer clothing, here I come!

XOXO, Carina

Launch Party! PDF Sewing Patterns Now Available at CarinaGardnerShop.com


I’m so excited for today! I’ve been planning this launch for a few weeks now! The team and I have some cool things planned. What kind of cool things you ask? Well, since you asked…

First off, we are now releasing PDF Patterns! Yes, that’s right. This is the official launch of you being able to purchase my patterns in PDF format. You can still also purchase most of my patterns in their physical form (from our website or from your local quilt shop). Not all of my physical patterns have been converted to PDF. You will see us release all of them in the coming weeks along with new ones.

This is awesome on so many levels for you and me! Since I started MiniLou, we simply have not had the space to house the number of patterns I was carrying for CGInc. So NOW because we can release pdf patterns, you will see MORE kids clothing, kids projects, beginner projects, and for the first time ever QUILTS!


The timing is right for this launch because not only am I kicking off the PDF Patterns, I am excited to be releasing my newest fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs called Apricot and Persimmon. The colors in this line are so autumn-y and yummy. (I should have the full digi book for this collection out sometime next week).

So what are we doing for this launch? I’ll admit, most of the action will be happening on my instagram feed (@carinagardner). Here’s what’s happening:

  • The PDF shop will be 30% off  october 16-21. Visit the sale>>>
  • We are randomly giving away sewing pattern gift certificates on instagram and facebook all weekend!
  • We are teaming up with Michelle Jensen (my machine quilter) and MiniLou (my kids toy company) to do a DROP on instagram (hints and where it will be can be found on instagram @carinagardner and @miniloukids). This drop will include one of you WINNING a Persimmon Nine Patch Quilt. Yes! The actual quilt!
  • I have consolidated all of our FREE fabric projects into the shop so you can grab them and go!
  • I have two new videos that feature the Persimmon Nine Patch Quilt and the Patchwork Plus Quilt (See below!)! The best part is that I will be doing ALOT more videos featuring difficult parts of the patterns or helpful sewing hints.
  • For this launch I am releasing three brand new PDF Sewing Patterns that have never been released as a physical pattern—Persimmon Nine Patch Quilt, the Patchwork Plus Quilt, and the Apricot MiniQuilt.

Be sure to join us on instagram and facebook for the festivities! Check out the videos below!

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to check out the entire CGTV channel here: http://www.carinagardner.com/carina-gardner-tv/
Episode 14: Patchwork Plus Quilt

Episode 15: Persimmon Nine Patch Quilt

Open When Envelopes—Last Minute Meaningful Homemade Gifts

IMG_3661_1_webLast week I came out with a brand new series of envelopes called OPEN WHEN. It’s a wonderful meaningful gift, and I am making a set of envelopes with box for Josh for Christmas. If you want to see the instructions and everything in the series, go here: http://www.carinagardner.com/silhouette/carinas-open-when-series/. If you want to look at the current printables for this series, go here: http://www.carinagardnershop.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=56&Itemid=2

(Photo to the left is one of the printables from the Open When: You Are Bored. You just staple onto the card a piece of bubble wrap.)

This post is just to show you a few examples of what I am doing (although to be honest, I’m not done yet). I love that you can make a set of envelopes for someone and put A LOT into the envelope or just a note. Really, the most important part (in my opinion) is the hand written note. Every single one of the envelopes I’m making for Josh includes a note and a photo. I also included some of the printables, a treat, and anything else I think will be fun for him to open.

IMG_3653_1_webYou’ll notice that I have included label printables in the shop. That’s because I know that not all of you have a diecutting machine. To be honest, the labels are a lot easier (and quicker) to use if you are throwing together this project (last minute, right?). The labels can be put on any A2 sized envelope and you can just fill them. It’s the perfect last minute solution!

(Photo to the right is from the Open When: You Are Happy printable set. The svg file from for the envelope can be found here.)

The Open When projects I’ve seen usually are given in sets of 10. But I think you should be able to include as little or as many envelopes as you want. You could even coordinate them and give more envelopes out during the year (for example, Christmas 5 envelopes, Valentine’s 5 envelopes, and your anniversary 5 envelopes).

For Josh, I selected 10 envelopes and am using my basic 10 envelope box. I love the prompts in the printables I’m hoping they will help me think of things that are special to just the two of us (and by the way, each of the descriptions in the printables have suggestions for other things you can put in your envelope).


Every “Open Now” gift should have an “Open Now” Envelope. Truthfully, I designed the printables (shown below) so that I could use all of the cards in any of the envelopes. It’s sort of “basic pack.” I’m planning on throwing some funny photos of the two of us from 2014 into this envelope—kind of as a way to celebrate the year. The “pie chart” card I’m going to write all of the things we did in 2014.


I’m so in love with my printable set for “Open When: You Can’t Fall Asleep.” One card allows you to staple a piece of dried lavendar to it (or any other scent you want). The silly cutouts are more of a joke then something the person has to do, but I like adding the popcycle sticks in the envelope just in case they do end up cutting out the animals.


The “Open When: You Want to Reminisce” is going to be the most fun to put together for Josh. I’m using all the printables as prompts but spending most of my time gathering up photos and things that we did together for the last 14 years.


You’ll notice that I’m slowly adding printables to the shop as I make them for myself. If you decide to do this project (for Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s, and Anniversary, or whenever!), make sure and check my Silhouette instruction page because it has updated links to all the envelopes, boxes, and printables that go to this collection to see what is new!


Hope you are being creative and having a great time doing it this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Back Home Again

miniloujune20 copy After a month and a half of travel, I’m finally back home in Salt Lake. I’m glad to be back home although there hasn’t been much time for a break. Lots of things have happened over the last month. Other than finishing press checks in China, going to a wedding in Tennessee, heading to St. George to enjoy the Tuacahn, and accompanying Siri at harp camp in Logan, some of my new paper and fabric lines have been released.

Over at Carta Bella, check out my newest collections Boy Oh Boy and Spooky as well as Alisha Gordon’s Moment’s & Memories. If you are going to the Summer show, be sure and check them out!

I’m also thrilled to announce my newest fabric line is on pre-sale to quilt shops! For a sneak peek at Primrose Garden, click on this link over at Riley Blake. Scroll down to the bottom to catch a glimpse of my first 18 inch doll panel! I’m so excited for this addition to this fabric line! More pretties on this line coming soon.

At my silhouette shop, I’ve been stocking with a lot of great basics that I have been interested in using for myself. Tons of swirls, overlays, gift bags, and cards to name a few.

And of course, I’ve been working on MiniLou. I’ve been planning out our tradeshows and trying to get everything “just so” for our upcoming fall release and the introduction of our spring release. It’s been a work-in-progress and I’m so proud of what we have accomplished so far. So many more exciting things to come!

As far as getting back on track, I’ve been working on some new home decor items for Deseret Book which should be out this fall/winter. I’ve also been working hard on our end of year releases for Carta Bella. Oh, and I’m hoping to have available two new design classes in the shop later this week.

Thankfully, this summer has not been all work-work, and I’ve been able to enjoy time alone with both of my girls on their respective trips as well as getting in a couple of vacas as a family. But summer is slipping by so very fast…I’m going to squeeze in as much fun as I possibly can!

Happy Summer!

(PS. Photo is from my Little Bitties Bookmarks for MiniLou).

Introducing the Toodaloo Back Pack and Little Sweet Lola Outfit

CG016_TPBoutsidecover_front At the moment, I am writing from the Denver Airport. I got on an early morning flight to come home from Quilt Market this morning (for a few pics of this, visit my instagram feed: carinagardner). I taught a schoolhouse, talked to distributors, and reconnected with others in the industry. It was the perfect in-and-out trip.

I also introduced two new sewing patterns that are now available in my shop and hopefully in a quilt shop near you with in the next couple of weeks!

First is my Toodaloo Back Pack. This is part of our Beginner Sewing Series and is sooo easy to put together! I specifically designed it so that there where no hard closures so that you can do this project with your tween or teenager. It’s also darling in boy fabric (see the back of the Toodaloo cover below).

I also came out with a new 18 inch doll pattern. I ADORE this pattern! It’s called the Little Sweet Lola Outfit and comes with a pattern for the blouse, ruffle shorts, drawstring pants, and ruffle pants.


Now that I’m headed home, Susan and I are working on getting together the schedule for the spring Glamper Tour. I also plan on painting the outside before the weather turns on me. Fingers crossed I can get it done!

As for today, I’m going home to snuggle my baby and girls. They had the croup last week and there were a few tears when I left on Thursday. Josh has been holding down the fort, which has been no easy job with all those sick kiddos.

Happy to be headed home,



Silhouette Files at CarinaGardnerShop.com

Hello_Toothfairy_51fed4f2d6c03Have I mentioned that there are digital diecutting files in the shop? Oh ya, I don’t think I have.

When I opened the shop last March, we were so busy trying to figure out how to run a retail shop (not an easy endeavor!), that I didn’t have time to actually design many diecutting files.

That’s officially changed. We have been uploading lots of great new files in the shop and you can get your hands on some free diecuts. We change these out pretty often so grab them when you can!

We also implemented a brand new category called NEW DIECUTS. We should be releasing new diecuts every Tuesday so be sure and check that category for the brand-spankin’ new goodies!

The diecuts come as a zip download and is available immediately (free diecuts can take up to 24 hours to show up in your inbox). It includes several files including svg, ai, jpg, dxf, png, and pdf. Yep, we’ve got you covered for whatever machine you are using. Don’t have a machine? That’s why we put in a jpg and png. Simply cut it out.

My_Life_Folder_I_51fed65f122bc My_Life_Folder_I_51fed614df601 My_Life_Folder_I_51fed63896e1d Probably my favorite product right now are the MY LIFE folder inserts.I plan on cutting some out for my kid’s school folders. I’m also going to play around with making them smaller (they are sized for 8.5 x 11 folder—be sure to use the svg file to keep your size from shrinking). I think they would make a darling album!

I’m actually working on next weeks digital die cutting files right after this blogpost. What are some diecuts you’d like to see?

Happy Crafting!



Evening Blooms Fabric Collection


carinagardner2013_cameraquilt_webI just got back from CHA yesterday and am hoping to have photos up of all the scrapbooking goodness up sometime next week. In the meantime, I am so excited to announce that Evening Blooms™ has now hit quilt shops! This is my first black and white line. I also threw in a fun gray and yellow colorway to mix it up a little.

To top it off, I have a free quilt pattern for you! I was inspired by the colorways to create a vintage camera quilt pattern. You can grab the instructions, yardage information, and pattern from the shop here. This pattern is for intermediate quilters (there are a lot of tiny pieces).

I should have more projects to show you with this fabric line because I am making many of the patterns for Fabric Fest (sneaking up on me!). Below you can see my Siri-girl dressed up in the Love Nest Ruffle Dress with her look-alike doll in the Little Love Nest Ruffle Dress. It’s always refreshing to see the patterns in new fabric!


As always, I have a lookbook for you for this fabric line. Check it out here: http://www.carinagardner.com/fabric/evening-blooms-fabric/





Create and Make Class in the Carina Gardner Shop!

createandmakeclassicons_shop_all It’s up! My new Create & Make Class! This is a Self-Paced class that will be available on August 4, 2013. It is currently on pre-sale.

I’ve been thinking about doing a class like this some time now. It’s hands on, for everyone, and includes your kids. For me, when I can include my kids in my creative process, it feels so much more fulfilling. I loved the quality time I was able to spend with Siri just making these videos! Create and Make: Creating with Kids is exactly what it sounds like—an opportunity to sit down and do. We had a great time filming this class and made sure to make it user-friendly. That means step-by-step instructions, materials lists, and kid-friendly. Watch it with your kids and pause at each step as you work on projects with me!

There are Early Bird (before July 5th — $24.50) and Before the Bell (before August 4—$29.75)  prices for this class. The normal price for this class is just $35. This is the first time we have offered Early Bird and Before the Bell pricing on a class because it is also the first time we have a coordinating kit available.

Kits include $120 worth of crafting supplies including scrapbooking kits, fabric, twine, lace and more! Kits are normally $84 but there is also Early Bird ($69.60) and Before the Bell ($74.40) pricing available too. There are a limited number of kits and


they will be mailed on  a first-come, first-serve basis. We only ship these kits to the continential USA, but feel free to email us at customerservice@carinagardner.com, and we would love to get you a quote on an international shipping address.

You can also purchase each of the classes separately in the shop (check that out here). We also have extra sets of containers available for purchase outside of the kit. We have limited quantities on these as well. My favorite is the little set of containers we use for the Halloween Advent. We sell it in sets of 31 so you can use it for any month (think Christmas, Easter, or spring). They can be used for any “count-down” craft. We also wanted them to be available in case you wanted an extra set for a gift or for multiple projects.

Want to see more of what we are doing?

Watch the intro video:



My First Class!

My first class on my new site starts today—Illustrator Basics CS6 Course 1. It’s a foundation course for all the design courses I plan on teaching. I’m so excited to have everyone in class! We are going to have a good time and I hope everyone learns a lot of Illustrator!

I myself have been working in Illustrator pretty intensively the last month. I am finishing up our five sewing patterns in the hopes of getting them to print by Wednesday so we get them for Quilt Market. If you follow the instagram feed, you’ve had a sneak peek into what I have been up to. Full reveal to come in a couple of weeks.

I’m also trying to finalize our June line for Carta Bella as well as finish our August and Christmas lines. A lot going on around here.

I also just preordered Evening Blooms for our shop. I was thrilled to design Riley Blake’s black and white line. I’m more thrilled to sew with it.

For now I’m enjoying all the sewing projects I have with Remember.

See you in class!