Kimono Skirt Cuteness

carina-gardner-kimono-skirt-front Happy Halloween! I have a bit of eye candy for you today! Andrea from Knitty Bitties put together my Kimono Skirt pattern in my Evening Blooms and Songbird fabrics.

How cute is her little niece modeling this skirt? Something about an itty bitty darling wearing those fun fabrics makes me smile. I can’t help it.

I love this pattern because it cuts like a quilt. Yes, that’s right. I’ve never done a pattern quite like this before but it is meant to be simple, sweet, and quick to sew up.

And have you seen how cute the double band of elastic is on the back of this skirt (see photos below). Probably my favorite part.

Go over and check out her post on it here.

As for me, you can check out my crafty doings for Halloween over at my instagram feed.

Today we are preparing the warehouse for tomorrow’s big sale. And I mean BIG! You won’t want to miss it! More info coming to you via social media tomorrow!

carina-gardner-kimono-skirt-tiesTrick or treat!




Smashball 2012—Utah Edition

Yes, I have been terrible about posting, but, it is because I have been working like a maniac to get ready for Winter CHA. And I can’t even show you want I’m working on. Boo. Or the other cool stuff I am working on. Double Boo. Well, all in good time. In the meantime go check out Devoted and True Friends, which have both recently been released by Carta Bella and designed by yours truly.

In the midst of the Carta Bella madness, I took a break and went to (and sponsored) Becki Crosby’s Smashball (you know her as the genius behind Whippy Cake). Susan, aka the fab assistant, so graciously came along with me for a night of scrapping and gabbing. I pulled the camera out so rarely throughout the night that I fear that you will be better served by instagram (@carinagardner). Don’t have an instagram account? Check out the feed on my sidebar.

Here’s what I did catch:

Table disaster or creative chaos?

This just makes me laugh. Susan is to my left and Becki to my right. I shouldn’t post it but I.can’

The cute gal who won one of my giveaways (3 sewing patterns and 3 yards of Songbird fabric) and a pictures of Becki’s AMAZING swag bags. There might have been a little something in there from me…

This girl has so much energy.

Quite the group

It was fun to meet new smashers and reunite with old acquaintances (I had lunch with Rhonna Farrer four years previously when I started at Two Peas…it was SO fun to see her again!).

Thanks ladies for the fun night and for pulling me away from my computer!


Quilt Market 2012 Kansas City

I intended to post the day after Quilt Market, but it’s been almost a week and I’m finally just catching my breath! This was probably the most exciting show I’ve attended simply because it was my first time exhibiting. We had been working on the tradeshow booth for months and this is what we had to show for it:

I was ecstatic with how the booth turned out. Things I learned this time around:
+ There’s a reason you never see pictures of the booths during set up. You don’t have time to pull out your camera because you are so busy just trying to get it all together! After we had most of it set up, I went and grabbed my camera…too late. So I don’t have any pictures of the guys putting it up…which is a shame because it was pretty cool to see it all come together.

+ I couldn’t have done the show without Josh and the Riley Blake team. My booth was SO heavy, and it took some serious manpower to get it up.
+ I already feel sorry for the Echo Park and Carta Bella guys since they will be putting this up in a couple of months…yes, I will be supervising. Best. job. ever.

+ Help is necessary when you only have one week to sew (Thank you to my mom who made that huge quilt in only a couple of days and Lisa in my neighborhood who embroidered the pillow below).

+ Some of my favorite pieces were teeny-tiny and you had to get up close to really see them (like the cubby full of birds that is going into my studio the moment I get my crate back!).

+ That at the end of the day, my favorite thing about Quilt Market was simply getting to connect with sewers and reconnect with all the people I already knew. (The picture below is with the Riley Blake gals).

Hope you enjoyed all the photos! Josh and I had a wonderful time, and we are excited to do it again (especially when I am NOT pregnant:).


SongBird Fabric Line—Quilt Market 2012

Quilt Market is a week away and I’m finally getting around to showing you my next line—SongBird™. My booth at Quilt Market will be featuring this line. Most of the sewing is done, and I even have a new pattern I’ll be introducing at Market (Don’t worry, I’ll show it here soon as well!).

Never heard of Quilt Market? It’s a tradeshow for distributors, retailers, manufacturers, and designers to show off what is new in the fabric world. I’ve blogged about the Minneapolis Show 2010 here and the Salt Lake Show 2011 here.

This is my first ever Quilt Market where I’ll have my own booth. I started thinking about it last September and started actual work on it this February. What started out as one crate became two + lots of loading issues. To get the crates from my house to Riley Blake we had two freight trucks arrive (one that was tall enough and one with a liftgate) to get them out to Riley Blake’s warehouse.

The actual loading of the crates wasn’t a picnic either. Poor Josh had to reorganize twice. We packed them pretty full.

Josh is coming with me to Kansas City QM to do the heavy lifting and to help me out in general.

If you are coming to the show, please come visit me in Booth # 1529. If you aren’t coming to the show, send your quilt show owners my way! They (or you) can also visit me in a Schoolhouse presentation at 10:40am in Room 2505A on the new line and how to make the new sewing pattern.


You can check out all the fabrics in Songbird by clicking on one of the photos in this post. It is all summery-goodness! It hits quilt shops in June (2012).

Happy sewing!




A Double Duty Week

We’ve been doing double duty in the studio with the May 1st surprise as well as Quilt Market. I flew my mom into town to help me with all the sewing. We have managed to squeeze into the last 5 days a king size quilt, 2 baby quilts, 9 children’s outfits, 2 slings, and a whole heck of a lot of pillows. It’s been a marathon! I have new-found appreciation for all the hard work folks put into Quilt Market.

We still have a number of items to make before our crates ship out next week, but I’m feeling pretty good about how far we’ve gotten. My mom stayed up until 3am trying to get the quilts done in time. My favorite machine quilter Lina, agreed to help me out with this deadline as well (My mom and my assistant have nicknamed me the slave driver). Susan is the sewing-pattern-cutter-extraordinaire now and my mom is the piping pillow master (try saying that five times fast).

PS You are seeing here some of the first peeks at my fabric line Songbird™!

Speaking of that other thing (you know, that May 1st thing?), I am AMAZINGLY impressed by the resourcefulness of some of you out there. I have been sent forum threads and a number of leaks that have come out and all I can say is, “Good detective work!” Can’t keep a secret from some of you!

Back to the sewing!