Halloween Boo Marquee Letters Tutorial


This week I released these fun BOO marquee letters on Silhouette!  They take some time to put together, but are so worth it!  They are similar to my original marquee letters, but have more decorative element to make them fun for Halloween.  Click here if you want a tutorial on how to put the letter part together.  You can see how to put together the festive Halloween pieces below.  Happy crafting!

1.Cut out all SVGS.  We did the letters in black, and the other pieces in fun Halloween scrapbook paper.

2.  For instructions on putting the letter together, click here.

3.  Once your black letter piece is put together, pop dot the back of the flat letter piece and place it in the letter.


4.  After the flat letter piece is placed in the letter.  Add the skinnier, flat letter pieces to the letter using pop dots.img_4418_web

5.  Once the letter part is done, add the fringe to the outside.  Before you start glueing, make sure you know where the fringe pieces fit.  Then hot glue down the center to attach it to the outside of the letter.  Make sure not to glue the fringe to the letter because you want to be able to bend it up.

6.  After all of the fringe pieces are glued down, bend the fringe pieces up.


That’s all there is to making the BOO marquee letters!  Hope you have a much fun making Halloween decorations as I have!

Wedding Props and Tealight Candle holder SVGS for Silhouette and Digital Diecutting

It’s party and wedding season!  Both of my SVG releases are wedding or party related.  You can find them in my Silhouette Store here.  This week I have tealight candle holders that you can use for decoration or center pieces.  I used translucent binding cover that you can get at your local office supply store for the windows.  They’re super simple and easy to cut out and all you need is a battery powered tealight to put in it.  They look great by them selves or with other decorations for a center piece.











I also released wedding props that you can use for a photo booth at a wedding or other party.  Aren’t the mustaches fun? These are also easy to cut out.  Just attach them to a wooden dowel with hot glue or tape and you’re ready to take pictures!



















Happy Crafting!

Stacked Pillowbox and Flower Ball SVGS for Silhouette and Digital Diecutting and 40% off SVG this Weekend!

This is the first week we are releasing our SVG files in bundles here before they are released in the Silhouette Store!  That’s right, you can get them early!  This week’s releases are in the store right now.  We are also doing a 40% off SVG sale this weekend only.  Now through Sunday you can get 40% off all SVGS!  This week we released sets of Stacked Pillowboxes and Flower Spheres!

5 sided pillowbox

These Stacked Pillowboxes, found in my shop here and here, are perfect for small gifts or as favor boxes for your next party.  There’s a triangle, square, pentagon, and hexagon shape set.  They’re simple to cut out and put together!  You can also decorate them with your favorite scrapbook paper.  We tied our up with twine for a cute package set!  lilly Ball

Flower Spheres are super versatile project that go together without any glue!  Each pieces has slits that slide together to create a sphere.  These flower balls are a fun decoration for a room or party.  We made ours with three different colors to give it a fun ombre vibe.  You could also use patterned paper or glue other decorations onto them.  Here are some short instructions to go with the video:

  1. Cut 12 of the shapes on your machine
  2. slip the pieces together using the slots on the sides of the shape.
  3. (Optional) add a string if you are interested in hanging your flower ball.




Fairy and Butterfly Bottles

I have been loving these Fairy Jars.  There’s something magical about them.  They might look a little intimidating to make, but trust me, they’re pretty simple.  All you need is transparent paper, which you can get it at your local office supply store.  The transparent paper makes up the jar part, and the rest is regular paper.  To put it together, all I used was hot glue.  Watch the video tutorial for more help on putting it together.  Happy crafting!