Carina currently offers online courses through She specifically teaches to those who are learning to become designers. Click on the classes below to see if spots are available in her current courses.

Carina loves teaching and has taught graphic design at the University of Minnesota for five years including Graphic Design Foundations, Typography, Packaging Design, Design History, and Design Theory. Her online courses are clear and concise as she helps students with conceptual and practical thinking.


illustrator101_icon-300x300Illustrator Basics Course 1 is the dynamic tool that designers use in creating artwork and products. This self-paced class is set up to help you get comfortable in a graphic designer’s favorite tool. Build and design your own products, templates, cards, and more while streamlining your creative process.

Four lesson course | Offered anytime | self-paced class


tipsandtrickidrawing_icon_smPaper Design  is geared towards designers who are interested in taking their design skills to the next level!  In this course, we work through an entire collection of papers and learn how to produce a sticker sheet with diecuts. Everything is designed print-production-ready to make you a savvier designer.

 Three Week Course | Check Website for Registration | instructor Led


Template Design This course is meant to enable designers to create their own interesting and unique shapes and templates. The scrapbooking templates help solidify a designer’s eye for alignment and balance. So whether you plan on selling templates or just being a better designer, this class will open your eyes to good design.


Five Lessons |  Offered anytime |

self-paced class





Fabric Design  This fabric design class incorporates the practical with the creative. Learn the ins and outs of creating a fabric collection, the technical aspects of getting your work ready for production, and finish the three weeks off with a collection of your own! Learn how to set up designs for tiling, basic illustration techniques, and building a fabric portfolio. This class is a unique mix of computer-screen teaching (Yes! You will be illustrating during these weeks!) and instructional video as I talk to you about terminology, fabric events, and interview other designers in the industry so students get an depth view of how designers in the industry work. (List of interviewees to come)This class is packed with step-by-step lessons, design theory, and practical applications that put me right there beside you as you design your first fabric collection!

Three week course | Check Website for Registration | instructor led



The_Art_of_Digit_4bba996597fccChalkboard Art in Illustrator  is an Illustrator-based class teaching you how to create a chalkboard “look” through the computer. Projects show how to manipulate type, use effects, embed type, and more! Projects include a 16 inch x 20 inch poster/canvas art and a 5 inch x 7 inch birthday invitation. Both projects show you how to manipulate type to create your own creations!

You also get two chalkboard jpgs that you may use for personal or commercial artwork. I show you how to manipulate them to get the results you need!

Two lessons | Self Paced


Tips for Rockin’ Illustrator is a series of 20 tutorials to help beginners learn how to use Illustrator to build projects, brushes, and confidence in this program! Learn how to rock Illustrator in less than an hour once a week with these easy-to-understand tutorials! Never used Illustrator before? This class series is for you! Even advanced users can learn the simple techniques shown to develop faster methods for producing artwork, creating digital and organizational elements, and learning the ins and outs of using this program!

This series is both technique and project driven. The tools shown in the videos are meant to help inspire you to develop your own products and projects using the techniques shown!

Twenty week course | Offered anytime | self-paced class



Ready to take your designwork to the next level, but need to get some critical feedback before you submit it to a company, manufacturer, or client? Or just want to level up your own design skills and need an expert’s advice? Welcome to Designer’s One-on-One Workshop where you spend a session with paper, fabric, and digital designer Carina Gardner. Get critical feedback on your current portfolio of work from someone who taught at a university and who has been working in the craft industry.

Turn in your work (specifications below) the first week of the session and receive a voice memo citing your work’s pros and where you can make improvements. You will receive details on building your focal point, developing patterns, and improvements that make sense for YOUR designwork.

Two submissions | 3 Sessions offered in 2012



ABC_Inspiration_4c60402c5c960The ABC Inspiration Class is for beginner to advanced digital scrapbookers. Join Carina Gardner as she helps you create a beautiful album using the alphabet as inspiration! You’ll enjoy a lesson everyday for 28 days (4 weeks) that will inspire you to create a beautiful album that captures your family’s life at this time of year.

Carina inspires you with tutorials on using the four book templates and digital products that come with the class. Video lessons, helpful tips, and lots of examples are given with your class assignments.

Four week course | Offered once a year