Welcome to Carina Gardner Mini Episodes! All these videos are short and sweet. So you can learn what you need to, and get back to doing what you love.
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Episode 15 Halloween Mini Monsters

Episode 14 Popsicle

Episode 13: Candy Favor Box

Episode 12: Ice-cream Sandwich

Episode 11: Flower Ball

Episode 10: 4th of July Pinwheel Explosion box

Episode 9: 4th of July Stars & Sparklers Explosion box

Episode 8:3D Watermelon

Episode 7: Butterfly in a Bottle

Episode 6: Fairy in a Bottle

Episode 5: Carina Walks You Through Her Glamper at Quilt Market 2016 Salt Lake City

Episode 4: Perfect Hexagon Quilt in the Wind

Episode 3: Using the illustrator Offset Path Tool

Episode 2: Using Clipping Masks in Photoshop

Mini Episode 1: Shadow Box Sliding Cards

Carina Gardner Shadow Box Sliding Cards.